Award winning oil? ? Delta 8 unfit distributor? ? Compliant award. The true story!

??? You had a non fit distributor???

I have done my best in being a professional and trying to keep things out of social media. But this has gone too far.

I met Sean and Greg the owners of Pegasus last year in October and they cut me out of my own project. They made me aware they could do compliant Delta 8 I believed them. I have been in the cannabis industry for 18 years I own a couple grows etc…some of you probably know me here. I wanted to be the one that figured out compliance in Delta 8 cause I’m the weed girl. Truly I was so excited.

I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt I gave them a facility to work inn created relationships with my connections in existing labs and loaned them hot Delta 8 for conversions so they could show me ( product they still haven’t paid for) In January we figured it out. They finally showed me they could do it. So I used my connection my trust and my reputation with friendship and years long business relationships to find a place they could manufacture this stuff. We were bellow 90 than and didn’t win the award yet. They travelled out of state and went to go scale Delta 8 I closed that for them, We reached above the 90s and won the award. I was so proud.

Everything was happening so fast! Unfortunately I’m not an extractor or a processor I own an extraction facility but know nothing about it…so I had no idea what they were doing. I was told it would take 60 days. I did the marketing job put it out there paid for that and everyone heard about it, I also signed on several contracts in witch one was for 200k pens a month, that clients money was refunded, I collected deposits in several contracts and orders.

In May I kept asking they told me June. I believed them and collected money from several buyers. But they didn’t come through I had to return money to several buyers. In July when I finally supposedly had litters the litters I shipped out were returned. The product had solvents left and it was too dark. We refunded everyone’s money.

In the middle of this 300k plus mess we upset several buyers, I lost money, and made my first accounting mistake in this venture but î did make it right. Not Pegasus, but I paid it back. After that they gave me samples for a gentleman friend of mine that was gonna buy 500 kilos. Those samples were 3 per cent Delta 9. They told me it was a mistake and gave me more excuses. All the samples were hot.

After a lot of bull shit and blaming everyone else including the lab we partnered up with they decided to terminate my distribution agreement and circumvent me with Bentgrass (their brand in retail) when I never even got my hands on single litter of compliant Distilate. There is a problem… Scalling was never possible they say themselves in the post they worked on it for the last year when in Nov of 2020 they told me they could do it they had it and when they won the award, KCA came and vouched they could scale.

I would like to state here that I am truly sorry for trusting and believing in Greg and Sean ( Pegasus) that they actually could deliver. I apologize to any clients that have been lied to by me due to believing them, and my words in this project.

I would like to state HCD has no ties any longer with Pegasus or Sean and Greg at all whatsoever. I would like to state HCD was in two joint ventures with this guys and none out of two labs they were using for work that I set it up had ANY scale compliant Distilate, how do they fail in two groups???

I would like to state my friends and clients and myself have never seen them scale or achieve success in any of this projects I set up for them to succeed. 2 facilities 500 liters a month capacity each, no distilate.

WE STILL have NO Distilate. After all this madness they cancelled my contract and now they are making a nightmare for me to get my Equipament I borrowed them back to my possession. Again deep apologies for my ignorance in believing they could pull this off and myself and our company or any of my associates have NO partnership with Pegasus Sean and Greg. A NON fit distributor would have had oil and failed, I have no oil. My question is KCA gave an award out for compliant Delta 8 that award included the ability to scale. Does Pegasus deserves that award?? Do we deserve it?

If you have any questions or want to look at any documents that validate this facts please feel free to reach out. Regards and apologies Hemp Choice Distribution.


So compliant distillate exists just not at scale? I’ve been sold compliant distillate just to always double check and find at least 1.9%

Sorry about your endeavors, what a ride.


We have it at scale, Pegasus does not it seems.

Game of smoke and mirrors from my understanding.


Good to know. I think I’ve bought from you guys before, I’ll make sure to remember in the future.


It is not an easy thing to do seemed to have even tricked the best of us…


i stand by my request for them to kick rocks, or if they prefer, they can pound sand



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I believe it. Just for clarification are they in possession of your lab equipment or are they squatting in your lab still?

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In possession of my Equipament and several other partners Equipament.

Benefit of the doubt has cost me plenty. Welcome to the circus.


Put a egg in your pocket and beat it?


Make like a hockey player, get the puck outta here?


Make like a clone and leaf?


Make like a tree and get the fuck out of here?


I can also vouch their actions have been atrocious and they Totally did @lady420 dirty in multiple ways. Couple of pieces of :poop::poop::rage:


@lady420 Paragraphs are not your enemy. Format your post for readability if you want people to read this.


Do you not get frustrated when there’s a dollar bill changer that only accepts face up sides? Like technology has advanced far enough where they can read both sides.

That’s what I think whenever I hear about someone complain about spacing in a perfectly readable post. Do you have a single side bill changer brain or a double bill side changer brain. Lookin like single side here.

They provided relevant info to something that this community collectively has been asking about and you can only see the formatting. That’s bad circuit board design on your brain’s part. Better luck next time.


When they first posted this, I was looking on my phone. It is unreadable unless you’re on a laptop. Even then it’s super clunky.

I notice your brain’s circuit board is using the return button as you post :wink:


Adderall is. Don’t confuse me with pharmaceuticals before 10:30am

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I literally put in 20$ in ones , upside down, yesterday, on pourpose!
The world has progressed a long wayz