Average distillate yield from 2L SPD daily

Does anyone know the average amount of distillate I should aim to pull (about 8-10 hour period) from my 2L Short path distillator?

I am placing winterized bho shatter that has been decarbed at 90 for one hour in a RotaryEvaporator. Trying to estimate my potential monthly yields if I stay with my 2L or upgrade to a 5L, and how much that will increase.

Thanks for any insights guys.

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First this dosent seem like it is decarbed. Try heating the solution to 140*c untill you see co2 bubbles stop forming.

Assuming that the boiling flask is half full you will start with close to 1000grams, the main body fraction may be 500-700 g depending on potency. You will most likely want to run at least 2 passes through the spd. Your second pass may yeild 400-500 grams. I say go with the 5 liter, but anything larger starts to hit a point of diminishing returns. Any bigger and youll want a wfe.


IAny idea about the length of time each full run of 1000ML should take on average? I am trying to forecast production for someone but haven’t worked with a kit this small.

IAny idea about the length of time each full run of 1000ML should take on average? I am trying to forecast production for someone but haven’t worked with a kit this small.

Appreciate the advice on the 5 L upgrade!

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assembling and setup will take you 45 min
the distillation itself will take 6 hours or so, and about 45 min cool down before you can get your product out. Figure another 45 min to clean the glassware/ traps and lines. Then an oil change on the pump. Your probably in it 8 hrs


@soxhlet his estimate is Ok for one that does iT often
Biggest time gain can be gotten by the type of head You use and filling the flask with 1200 grams at the end of the week saves You an additional run


Ya tou need to go alot hotter to fully decarb. J decarb in the roto at 145c and it takes alot of extra volitales as a added bonus

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I’m experiencing lower than expected pull speeds. In one run on 420 g of material, I ended with a yield of 280 grams of useable body. This whole process only took 7 hours

Today with 560 g of material, I’ve only yielded about half of my 250 g collection flask over 9 hours. My pull ranges sporadically from a drip to a swirling flow, but I feel like this is taking entirely too long since I was twice as efficient on my last pull. Any recommendations?

I’m currently running my mantle around 204 with a head temperature around 180, and vacuume at 169 micron.

Thanks for the help guys

Hmmm Basicly the only variabels
Are stirbar speed for iT is not creating a larger evaporation area and thus less vapor is beeing created
Or your mantel is not having the same wattage as normal
As like boiling water on a small flame or large flame both waters are boiling yet small flame has a few bubbles and puffs
And the big flame is roaring and smokes of vapor
This can be cause by a bad pid controler
Are a fallout of heating ellemens in the mantel
Hope You figure iT out


One more thing do You notice a lot of reflux ?
Vapor moving up in the head but condensing in the head and falling back into your booiling flask ?
If so insulate all glasswear before the Condenser helps a lot specialy on first passes Where a perfect fraqtion seperation is not that crucial


What kind of vacuum pump are you guys using on the spd I have a friend who thinks you can use a 1/4 hp 50$ vacuum for the distillation is it possible I personally wouldn’t want to chance it but I’m curious would this work ?

Alcatel 2021i
Welch 1400
Leybold trivac

Your 50.00 harbor junk vac isnt gonna cut it.


It took meon average. 30 min to set up, 2 hours to get to main body, and 9 hours for main body, 1 hour cool down. 1 hour to clean.
Main body speed will rely on ur head design and vac depth. Anything below 200 micron is good


9 Hours for mains ? Something ain t right

I did about 5hrs for 550ml mains

Yes almost half :blush: but 9 is 50ml a hour pffff

I would load up 1.2L and would get around 950g. That would take me 9 hours for main body.
That was with an LS head, moving to @David’s 2L head, I knocked it down to 4 hours for 950g


Thats more like iT :ok_hand:
Wich head is that from David ns sizes ?

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He’s using a 1L set up ???:thinking: