AVCO 1" Ball Valve Failure


Dammit BVV you did it again.

Had an 1" AVCO ball valve from BVV fail on me at <100PSI. For reference, they’re rated @ 1000 WOG.

Liquid solvent started spewing out of the handle while closed. Took it apart and now I am trying to figure out how to safely put it back together and prevent further failures. Seems they use graphoil seals? Can’t seem to find these anywhere.

If anyone has any experience with ball valve construction, please PM me. Not trying to pay $300+ for a new valve unless I have to!


these have to be warranty able. Supposedly USA made. Id call them direct and bitch them out.


At what temp was the solvent passing thru?


temp matters as well


Operating under dry ice temps… well within rated temps for this ball valve (minimum -137*C).


Probably going to give both BVV a call as well as AVCO if BVV gives me a hard time.


Does the said valve have a plastic insert in it?


Bvv’s job is to source shit from china and maintain some level of QC with the products they have to make sure of shit like this doesnt happen. They sold you a fucked up valve its on them.


We should start a BVV strikes again thread. :rofl::rofl::rofl: i know they got me a few times already.


You’re right. I’ll be calling them tomorrow morning.

Wish they would respond to emails, though…


These are two vakves that came on my first closed looop i bought from bvv, leaked right out the box. :joy:

Their customer service sucks and their products are overpriced. BVV and summit are two businesses built around ripping people off at everyt turn. I wouldn’t reccomend anyone use summit or bvv, not even if they paid me to.


I think most of us are only using them out of cost and convenience. It sucks but… is what it is.

I made a half-ass attempt at parting out my MK-V 2LB bi-directional extractor, could have probably saved $1,000-1,600 on it.


Im im the same boat as you, i could have saved a lot of money if i knew where to look when i was starting out. I only just found out about killas store about a month ago and I was pretty bummed to find how much money i would have saved buying from him.


Im not perfect either but i dont cut stupid corners when there is a better option at a comparable price. I have leaky valves all the time. I just know how to treat a customer. Ive come to learn if a person is contacting you about something and all they want is a replacement 9 out of 10. Its a legitamate concern. There is always a scammer in there but most of those types of complaints for me are met with anything i can do to fix the problem immediately.

Thats another thing people want. usually an apology and a swift action to their problem is the difference in keeping a customer for life or losing one forever. people are just looking for compassion. Some of these companies have it…some dont give 2 shit.

I really wish i could help everyone…im just a 1 man show trying to support my family doing the same things you all love. I love taking with everyone on a daily basis…shooting the shit about concentrates and methods…and dabbing…whats better than that.

Its not really a job for me…this is like a hobby that is paying the bills. I dont consider most of what i do work. I love this shit. i love helping people. This is all a passion! Sorry i dont have clones of me.


Man, after meeting @Killa12345 over ebay and then in person i will never buy extractor parts from anyone else. He even hooks me up with miners and filtration media for the low.


You my SFL Brother @bg305 you know we need a little help to make it in the industry as we kinda have had a late start. Just trying to level the paying field for ya bro!



Youre not perfect but youre not doing shit like this.


i can get those…not so cheap…but maybe 60% off of that. exact same clamps. No, im not doing shit like that and appalled by that stuff. as no labor is involved…its stick it in a box and send it. no need to make 400% markup.




Wonder if I’m the only one that finds their website is broken a good 1/3rd of the time