AVCO 1" Ball Valve Failure


Wheres your store at?


it seems here lately…lol

I have an ebay, amazon, and website store but only about 40% of what i stock is online. Typically i do a lot of just custom orders for people because what i sell online is not what you guys need. That is all small equipment and everyone here needs massive stuff typically i dont stock…

If your not in a rush…and need parts i can typically have anything custom drop shipped from china around 21-24 days. If your in a rush…i completly understand and cant close every sale or opportunity. I dont want to lose the personal feel i give customers.


My website needs help as i did it in 4 hours but

Mostly i work threw DM. If there is something you need or want, let me know


Your site is fine. I personally hate over complicated sites these days (and I used to design them).

Xtractor depots new design is atrocious to operate.

Anyway, I’ve been working with a Chinese supplier in Wenzhou trying to get large heat exchanges and reactors for cheaper but it may be easier with you.


i know most of the “REAL” factories in Wenzhou and can help guide you if your not really dealing with a factory rather a trader.

how many are you looking to have made? Shoot me a DM with some of the info. Even if you dont want me to source it…i can help navigate that city as ive done business there for the last 5 years or so.


Just wanted to provide an update here.

Called BVV and was given no push back on having the valve replaced. It was shipped out and will arrive tomorrow.

I was emailed this morning and informed that their 1" AVCO ball valve batch may have been faulty, and advised to send this one back and accept a 1/2" AVCO ball valve in its place… kind of puts me in a tough spot as I’m running behind on production orders as is and the downtime is killing me.

Anyways, sounds like they’re doing what they can to make it right and me giving them a call may have aided in keeping people safe. I appreciate the support here, despite knowing I was operating within safe parameters I’m still the kinda person who remains thinking “hope I didn’t fuck this one up myself…” but sounds like it’s a known problem.


Bvv replaced my leaky nailock valves with beter ones. Had them in 3 days


Any reason why I shouldn’t go with a 1/2" ball valve in your opinion? Obviously 1/2" = less than 1" but I don’t know how much it will affect the flow rate ultimately…


Buy a new valve. Use ITT sanitary ball valve, stainless steel with Viton and/or PTFE seals.