Automatic Cartridge Filling Machine

I would be happy to get you in touch with a couple of our customers, as well as provide a virtual demo. (In person demos can be done in the Portland OR area.)

Hey sounds awsome can u post a video of it filling a block of cartridges and what’s the price

Currently at 30k MSRP. E-Mail me directly at and we can work out a deal.

As far as video… To be honest, one of my to-do list items is to create a full set. I plan on shooting a full set of instructional and how-to videos mid January. I have been doing virtual demos with the machine via web-conference, and will record the next one.

For now, here are links to some IG media / videos:

Video showing un-cut operation filling Caps, Carts, and Pods.

Thanks for all your comments and replies! The VapeJet is really impressive. How do you measure viscosity, and what is the maximum viscosity that you can support? I know that applying heat will make things easier to pump.

Measuring Viscosity is a bit outside of scope, and not something I am an expert on. I do however have a chemist on staff who I can have get back to you on that. I know there are floats and other tests that can be performed.

To be honest, we don’t know. We have not come across any fluids we have not been able to handle yet, due to the combination of pressure, temperature, and time. We just did an install last week with a customer who was using some of the thickest distillate we have ever seen and we were able to get it flowing at 20psi / 60c / 4 second stroke.

Temp, speed, pressure… It is all a balancing act. We can help you find and maintain that balance.

FYI this thread should be more more detailed.

Vape-Jet Automatic Cartridge Filler