Automated irrigation build

I’m getting out of my tents and building 2 sealed rooms, one flower and one veg/ mother.

I got most of the parts and supplies ordered to build the 2 rooms. I’m going to gear up a irrigation setup like the kits craft farmer sells.

So that’s for 1 zone or table, I’m going to have 3 zones, 1 for veg, 1 for each flower table, I will I have 1 4x8 and 1 5x8.

I have parts for what’s listed in that kit, netafim .3gph emitters plus a yellow mondi pump.
I will control it from a trolmaster aqua x.

Going to run it with jacks 321, silica, agt50 and some microbes, I’ve only been growing for 2 years and until the last 2 grows I used an pre amended organic living soil that worked well but I know for a business perspective salts will be much more economical and no bugs coming in the soil. My first 2 runs was in pro mix hp but I think I might try coco.

Any input or recommendations welcome.


I use this for clients.
Cut in 4’ sections and twist it in to 2 circles around plant, one small and one large.
At 30 psi this will put out 1.6 gallons in 15 minutes. I like them because with 8 holes it’s nearly impossible for them all to clog.


Made a diy rolling bench with unistrut, I have 3 more to make, I have a better idea design for the next ones, this cost about 200$.


Best coco bang for buck I have found

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Please don’t waste your money on craft farmer reselling netafims gear. Grow Your Medical Cannabis Project I Netafim

They don’t discriminate to our industry and you can call them ask them for advice on what to get/how to set up.

In short besides the pvc/manifold build for diff rooms/tables - pump/valve - 20 psi pressure regulator - y filter - tubing adapter than get the(usually 3/4in) flexible piping they have. You puncture that tubing with a special tool they sell and put the drip emitters in there.


I ordered all the parts from hawthorne at whole sale price, I said I was building a system like him, just ordered on my own.
I’ve got all the parts I just need to wait for a tent to finish then I can put my rolling table in.
I just need to order the trolmaster parts.

Has anyone used the mondi pumps? I’m just running 2 5x8 tables and 1 4x8.


I used a mondi pump to push water underground and then over 250 ft through 3/4" hose and it was excellent, powered the drippers on the other end… Every other pump I tried wasn’t strong enough.


Sliding doors on tracks so you can separate the zones. Rooms within rooms :octopus:

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First table setup @Demontrich style. With the 3100k cmh.
Next table will be 5x8 with 2 x 1000de ceramic hps.


Smart man using t12 style bulbs in an open fixture!

Iirc, hammerhead had a t9 cmh bulb explode and almost aet his room on fire. He was right there when it blew, so he was able to put the melted floor out in time. This was 4yrs back on icmag.


I Have the yellow mondi sump pump that has ran for yrs and not a problem.


I’m getting ready to order my trolmaster controllers for irrigation and environmental. I’m wondering if anyone is currently using them or any other recommendations.


Got my ceramic hps lights up, 2 1000w for the 5x8 , really nice even light.
Second pic is the veg room.
Finally no more bs tents.


Very nice, I’m about to do the same test 4-cmh vs 2-de’s.
I’m sure you have but I have to bring it up. The garage openers are unplugged correct?


Lol yup they are and I spray foamed the whole way around and siliconed in between the panels.
Trust me all I could think of was getting home and the garage door wide open.


Lol :laughing: I just pictured the lights getting smashed, but that’s much worse :sweat_smile:


I thought about doing 630’s, but ended up opting for the de’s

Going to do 315’s in veg I think…


I’ve been running de in flower for 3 years now 600 in summer, 1k the rest of the year.
I added a 315w cmh in veg and saw a huge difference in structure and time. Now I’m collecting them from craigslist paying 40-100 depending on make, I’m going to build out a new mom room. Hopefully I’ll figure out how to automate the irrigation. There back on topic.


Anyone here use the flora flex micro drip system line up? Not there bubbler system (green manifold head things)

That’s what I have been looks at for my flower room.

Using the 17mm “mainline” and then these


I have some of there 4x4 root cover spreaders. I’ve been running 1/8 line directly to them and watering 15 seconds (1/2L per watering) 3-6 times a day in flower.