Automated Hydrocarbon Equipment: worth it or no?

With the Luna I/O extractor and now pinnacle coming out with an automated hydrocarbon machine do you think this is something that will catch on?

Here to stay or pure hype?

if you’re asking that question you’re not scaled enough to need it.


Look at every other industrial process (especially the ones that use/process flammable gasses) and see if this is a question even worth asking


Automation is the future in every industry. The only question is timing, difficulty, and cost.

Automation components and technology gets cheaper year over year, and labor costs go up year over year. Once a process crosses a certain ROI threshold, it will be automated.


Great Point! Most people aren’t scaled enough to justify a 40lb machine much less an automated equivalent that costs double. That’s why I asked the question, to gauge interest on whether or not we should build a better mousetrap.

I’ve personally installed and used a Luna at a lab that was definitely scaled enough. Great concept, meh execution.


Also a great point.

This is why our ethanol extraction equipment is automated along with the equipment we make for other industries.

That’s the big question.

Will there ever be an automated 5lb machine for the garage trapper?

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If you wanna help me with the mechanics there will be. Lol. Joking. Would be sweet but seeming not needed.


Is it even trapping if it’s automated?


What is the budget like, and what all needs to be automated. I honestly don’t know what price such a system would have to be under to make sense for smaller operators.

TBH I have long wanted to build an automated extraction system, but lack the basics to do so. If anybody in PDX has a system that needs automation hit me up and we can collab.


Will someone spend 200k on a 5lb machine?


Yeah but usually instead of automation it’s poorly paid employees

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No fucking shot.


Nope. The level of hardware necessary to make even a sparingly safe CLS is not available at for a budget. Economies of scale depresses prices but QC is always expensive.

Take a look at functional safety requirements and you will see at minimum a B10 necessary for pretty much every component. Getting a B10 or a MTTF/MTTFd is very expensive.

We have 87 years of automation experience. I should post some robot pics.

We were gonna bring a Laser guided column loading robot arm to mjbiz this year just to flex on all these weakass China steel companies.


Surprisingly the roi on that is still doable when compared to other capital equipment in other industries.

This is how chad views the weed biz anyway

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I mean, for fucks sake most of these equipment builders don’t even realize there’s a UL listing coming out for botanical extractors. In any other industry, anything that so much as indicates that a valve with flammable gas service has been opened is TÜV certified


Sweet. It will be awesome to see the sales figures in 2021. I certainly won’t be at bizcon this year with Covid. Wish you guys luck though.


the safe thing to do in light of COVID is to ONLY have a robotic arm loading columns there lol


robots need masks too