Automated CLS?¿ Also random CLS question


How come everything else in the industry is becoming automated but not close loops? I do plan to do this myself but if anyone has input (what valves to avoid etc) it would be greatly appreciated. I know gray wolf did this a while back but why no one else? I mean even the big brands aren’t?

Random question time! My system is rack mounted and when we dump the solvent from the material tube we will get liquid solvent in the bowl reducer when we take it apart to blow out the tube? Why is this? We use n2 to drain the tube but yet we still get some? We heat the jacket to recover the residual solvent stuck the material could it be that it’s evaporating and going to where it’s colder the reducer? Any help would be sweet!


Oh automated closed loops are coming. My connections with a major closed loop manufacturer confirm that they have one currently in development.

Also, sounds like you may want to try and get some new bottom lids that drain a little better.

I would recommend recovering your tubes to deeper vacuums if that is a recurring issue for you. That part isn’t in contact with the jacket, but if you’re adequately recovering your tubes there shouldn’t really be any liquid left in there. Are you recovering all the way to -30?

Also, do you see any condensation or icing visible on the bottom lid / drain hoses / anywhere between the bottom of that tube jacket and the liquid injection to your evaporator?


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I mean it would be pretty easy to automate a cls all comes done to timing and a few fail safes…