Automated Cart Filler

Hey so I’m looking at cart fillers and found this

Just wondering if anyone has used one and can give an honest review

Probably gonna need like 4 of these things so I was really wanting some honest feedback not from a sales company


2 Likes has a filler available. Talk to him.

I saw those but it seems like they won’t really suit my needs

I need full automation with extremely low margins of error and from what I was reading here they all need their own operator?

I get that works great for some stuff but this plus or minus 3mg of weight variance is extremely important for certain regulations some places


You checked out Vape jet?


You need the cart filler i just got.

Xylem Tech can do 1200 carts filled and capped in an hour with one operator overseeing the machine. Very low margin of error and great repeatability. It inspects the carts center post, fills the cart and caps it in less than a second which is unbeatable by any other cart filler.


Looks like it only hold one rack at a time?

Definitely wanted the 4 rack system so my op can do other stuff in the mean time

Thanks sk8 gonna look at that one now


We use the Jet-Fueler, Semi-Auto by vape-jet, going to upgrade to their fully auto once I can find a buyer for the one I currently have.

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That thing looks awesome

Any idea on the price tag?

I know the jkem is about 25k


I kinda figured you were talking about an automated one.

Always wanted one but man its pricey. Need it for scale to. Good if you wanna work w 1 other person instead of 3-5.

Idk many brands other than the ones they recommended for automated ones at least.

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I also would recommend the VapeJet. Our company has three of them operating in multiple states. They have a great support team that is usually fairly quick in assisting troubleshooting (although one of their main guys, Devon, always seems like someone pissed in his cheerios…) Once you break the machines in and get through the basic troubleshooting issues (air bubbles in syringe, learning where to tighten and when, etc.) they’re great. We use a pretty low terpene formulation (as low as 3% some batches) so we definitely are on the more viscous side of material, however the vapejet has been able to fill 100 carts in under 8 minutes. I believe we have gotten it as low as 6 minutes with some formulations.

I couldn’t see our labs converting back to manual filling for bulk. I still have a cart farmer and use it every week, and it definitely would be my first purchase for anyone who isnt trying to fill 5,000-10,000 a day. But the Vapejets ability to fill while another employee can take care of capping, packaging, prep work, etc. is very nice and definitely has helped speed up our process. In my eyes, it pays for itself very quickly. Not to mention the reservoir and most parts are swagelok or compression so replacements are fairly easy to accomplish.

They also even released a new updated version where they forgo the 3-D Printed Walls (good call imo, that was my largest complaint, it felt very much like a cheap filler-option but when youre starting out I get it.) They also re-designed the placement of their rezervoir to prevent as much processing loss between batches. The fact they have only been largely present for a limited number of years and are continuing to innovate this much, this fast tells me they’re intended to be here for the long run. I grade my equipment supply companies the highest on their support post-purchase as that seems to be the biggest fault in this industry is buying a pig with lipstick. But I really have no complaints about the vapejet. In an industry where things are typically shoveled with a pile full of bullshit, this was one purchase I sleep soundly with for our production environments.


I appreciate the comment I will definitely do a bit more research as I was immediately turned off seeing only a single rack system


Hey does anyone have a video of a tray of carts that has been filled with any of these automatic machines? Im tryna see something


Vapejet has a couple on IG that show the machine vision and filling


You trying to see what is faster?

There’s quite a few on YouTube

Not sure what angles or what you want to see

It’s actually a ‘0’ rack system. We don’t require the use of jigs or racks as long as the carts come in their own shipping foams. The Vape-Jet allows you to just put the foam-tray on the platform, and the machine vision system corrects for any distortions or bends in the foam.


Thank you! Really appreciate it.

He’s actually a pretty cheery fellow :slight_smile: He just comes across that way over video conferencing. Devon is an absolute amazing resource for formulation / troubleshooting knowledge.

Shhhh! Giving away our secrets =) There is going to be a big reveal on 4/20 :slight_smile:

We are here for the long run, and take a lot of pride in continual improvement. We don’t claim to be flawless, but we iterate and innovate as fast as we can. This sometimes rubs people the wrong way, as a machine bought 6 months later has a lot of upgrades that a machine bought 6 months previous. However we regression test all releases and fixes to maintain compatibility across version numbers.

I personally decided that innovation and iteration are worth more than the hurt-feelings of ‘missing out’ on the latest and greatest upgrades. However, we will retrofit any machine if requested and the customer pays shipping. Most upgrades can be field-installed as well.

BTW if you reach out to sales, they can cut a deal / discount for the upgrade which might allow you to keep the JF as a backup.


Bumping for hopefully a JKEM filler review

Looks like I may just have to take a flight if no one has a review

Hey qma you find what you were looking for in that video??

That’s pretty cool

Only problem is if it finishes and my op is in the bathroom then no more carts get filled until they get back


Which video? No one has a sustained filling video on carts. Everyone throws these numbers out there but I watched @VapeJet take 10 minutes to fill 100 ascent carts (instant defectives). I see that J-CHEM being even worse as it has one nozzle for what looks like several hundred carts and looks like they need to be re-racked.

It’s nice that you can use one operator for multiple machines, but when it takes 4 vape jet machines to replace one autofarmer, are you really saving any money? when each machine costs a years salary of filler wook and fills a quarter of the speed?

Autofillers don’t make sense in their current form because they aren’t any more efficient than a person on a actuated plunger syringe.