Auto-Flower clones/teens THC

Looking for a nursery selling auto flower clones or teens for the up coming outdoor season. On the market for 6,100 plants. Also looking for a reliable high germ rate seed vendor. THC


If you dont mind that they are regular my buddy Joey Parker has solid auto flower seeds.

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If you want the best auto flower genetics, hit up mephisto genetics, not sure if they do that big seed orders but it would for sure be worth looking into.

I know most people don’t use reddit but go check them out on there,

Edit: added reddit link.


Going to reach out to them.


Mephisto is for sure best fem auto flower seeds on the market.


We can help provide these plants for you. Please shoot me a dm or message me at We are providing High and Low THC as well as auto flowers. Clone Menu:
Don Carlos
Stupid fruits
Purple mountain majesty
Blueberry Muffin
Pre 98 bubba kush
Blood diamond
Wedding cake
Ice cream cake
Gorilla Glue
Super Glue
Pink lemonade
Doc Og
Chem reserve
Mother’s milk
Sfv og
Vanilla frosting
Afghan kush
Mountain top mints
Notorious THC
Carmel apple
Interspecies gorilla glue x Scooby snacks
Auto Flower on hand:
Vanilla Latte
Sour apple
Humboldt Sour Diesel
Magic Melon
Pound Cake


I just put some magic melon autos from @Cloner in the bag to sprout. My first round with trying autos I’ve heard good and bad. We will see.


I just cut down some magic melon. I ran them along side some mephisto genetics and the mephisto strains are head and shoulders above the magic melon. If I run autos again it’ll be all mephisto. They yield well and have a great nose and bag appeal


You should try Chunk-o-delic this year. I will send you a couple freebies. Dm me


If you guys have data on strains that you have ran before, I’m all ears also. This is my first hand at autos.


I haven’t gotten any of my last harvest tested, but heres what I can tell you with my limited experience (about 150 plants on my last grow)

I ran all mephisto and the magic melon

The magic melon grew big and had a longer flower Time than anything else. Doesn’t make sense for a indoor grow imo but I could see it doing great outdoors. Not the best nose or bag appeal and a decent yield, but since it got so big It was definitely less per sq. Ft than anything else

Double grape- there were 2 distinct phenotypes, one was short and squat and the other a little lankier. Both had a distinct grape smell but the buds were kind of airy. Everyone seems to like the smoke though. I got about 3 oz per plant- about 2 of nice nugs and one of larf.

CDLC- really similar smell to chem dawg, and a good yielded. Most of the plants were short and grew nice large tops with heavy purple. Again got about 3 oz per plant

3 bears og- fruity smell and somewhat airy buds again. pretty sure it was crossed with the double grape so it was similar to that but all of the plants were smaller than the double grapes were. I got about 2 oz per plant.

Sour stomper- this stuff was awesome. A few different phenotypes but they definitely have a “sour” smell and taste. Good yielded and great bud structure. I would 100% recommended this strain to anyone looking to grow autos.

I did these all indoor and they got a lot bigger than I thought they would so the room was extremely cramped and I should have ran 25-50% less in retrospect. The hardest part was managing the canopy with so many different genetics in the same room. I wouldn’t suggest doing these indoors because of these issues, but if you could run then outside or in a greenhouse with some super soil or something i believe you would have phenomenal results. Everything finished between 75 and 85 days from seed (could have ran longer on a few but I had to get the room ready for next round).

I topped half the room and did LST on the other half. People online seem to hate on topping And transplanting autoflowers but I had no problems with either and i would top everything around day 15-20 next time. It really depends on what your goals are but I can see autoflowers being great under the right conditions.


Mephisto lives up to the hype pretty well but because of his cult following his markup is unreal. Definitely not scalable for commercial growers. Most people are out there paying $100 for like 12 beans lol

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I reached out to them directly and they give a discount on wholesale orders, pretty sure I paid $5 a seed for a few hundred, which isn’t that bad. Only thing was they only do that with certain strains so your options are limited

They might be expensive but in this life you pay for what you get

I know they do deal with producers, and give bulk discounts.

Contact mephisto 1000%. I’ve ran probably about 20 strains indoor and they are absolutely the best autos in the game. They eat, sleep and breath what they do.

Yield + potency won’t be on par with photos but they are still fire for their purpose.

I will rep Ethos autos. They have consistently higher THC % and more unique terps than any thing else on the market. They are seeds, not teens, though.

EDIT: Teens, not clones


How do you clone an auto?


You put it in the cloner! The clone is the same age as the parent, so it isn’t worthwhile cloning autos.


It’s possible to do but not worth the time, if you mess up you’ll stunt your plant and it’ll flower early. There’s a write up on reddit how to do it.

Here’s a couple mephisto autos. Pictures aren’t great. I hate my phone.