Ascent all ceramic cartridges

Has anyone else used the Ascent All cermaic cartridges? The ones with 2 oval holes at the bottom. Im having trouble with the bubble not rising causing drier hits. Any feedback or help id appreciated. Also looking to hear anything the f4200 peeps have to say about other all cermaics as i may switch over if i cant fix this.

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What’s your filling sop?

I never had any issues with a bubble when I used their ceramics.


Forgive me im slow what does SOP mean? Sorry im a newb using the cf50

For my procedure i do this. Microwave disty about 1 minute per 100 ml. Then i add 5-8% terps. Half of that is CDT, other half BDT so 2-4% of each. After mixing with magnetic plate until it is evenly homogenized, i pour into reservoir at about 40-50 celcius. Wait 1 min, then begin filling. I cap them within 15 mins and leave a .1 air bubble in each. I don flip them afterwards though.

I know what you mean. I think CBC 5-10% should help. Let us know how it goes.

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Cap within 5mins

Anyone got good connects for CBG or CBC? Most the stuff i see looks like it isnt really intended for carts, i could be wrong though.

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Thanks man

I haven’t tried it myself but I’ve seen people recommend CBT which has a super low viscosity (runny). Get some from @PharmExOregon at

Me personally I’ve used @beakskiffresearch for CBD distillate and they’re awesome. Great price too. About 10% of that in my cart mix seems to help with flow and give a more “full spectrum” feel.


That’s pretty cold imo what temp is your cf-50 heat pad set to. Turn that fucker up to 90c and try it.

Also I think one air bubble over an aperture is normal.

Are you using argon, that should allow you to push that heat up a bit without damaging too many of your cannabinoids


I didn’t even see that, yea on my cf50 my shit won’t even flow if it’s below 70, but 85 or a little higher lets it get down over the apertures. Maybe even make sure the coil is soaked before hitting them. I had to change my filling/capping SOP to put them in the oven at ~100F for 2 or 3 mins to get the oil to flow down to initially soak the coil.

@ky_cbd i set it low because i dont want to burn off the CDT. In the past i belive ive burned some off when it was set above 70 celcius. 40-50 is slower, but im in no rush. Im not sure what an argon is that you mentioned earlier

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Just inert gas you can backfill your jars with when exposing your material to heat. Less Oxygen will usually slow down the process of things getting funky.

Also my theory is get it done as fast as possible once you start it up. I like to heat it up until it’s viscosity is not too far off from room temp mct and then homogenize the terps as quick as possible and the get it in the rez and into the carts as fast as I can.

If you do the whole process a little hotter you can expose the material to heat for a lot less time over all and I think the higher temps won’t be able to do too much damage in that period of time.

I would try and find a sweet spot where your moving a little faster through the process with a little more heat but not too much heat to degrade your CDTs.

A little more heat on the material going into the cart may also help with your priming problems. How long do they sit before you hit them? And are you giving them time before hits or just ripping it like a train?


I remember we were talking before about ceramic carts. We have DM 023 carts that feature an adjustable oil intake valve so the bubble never forms. Let me know if you want some samples to try.

I like your suggestion to move quick. Usually i let it sit in the reservoir for 1-2 mins before i begin filling. Yea i let them sit for 20-30 mins and get no bubble movement. It just stays there until eventually it becomes big enough to slide some of the bubble up. Im usually letting it sit 20-30 mins between every 2 rips. I found if i place my thumb over the glass and rub it sometimes makes the bubble disappear.

I’ve had plenty trouble w these thr only way to fix it is to add some tastless terps diluent or more terps

The summer months don’t have the issues bc the oil stays hot enough to flow and move

The issues is the side walls isn’t wide enough

Do I use different carts no I still use these…I use floraplex tastless terps to help it move

Doesn’t matter if u hit it w lighter it’ll still bubble back out the moment the oil cools

Try to make sure the bubbles are covered before sending it out…usually if I get them covered they tend to stay covered most the time but sometimes just want

I just got 500 2 months ago and have filling job coming baxk up, we order 1100 and have to order 1100 more so I still trust him

This is the longest his shipping has ever taken though he is using FedEx Air instead DHL


Another thing I’ve been doing is using the C102s instead of the C101s (4 holes and wider) but some people don’t like those cause they don’t fit inside small “protector” batteries. To that I say buy a $20 Yocan Uni Pro.

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@StoneD I think you hit it spot on. I considered doing some of what you said but i think ill just try 5% CDT and 5% CBG or CBC. Hoping for an entourage effect with that. Hopefully thats still not too thick. I always thought the bubble not rising was something to do with no oil being underneath the intake holes. But the glass walls by intake holes is probably an issue as well.

I would switch over in a heartbeat if the C102s didnt have that problem. Or any other issues