Are you a lazy enail might be the tool for you!

I need a new enail I miss how lazy I could be


I got 2 within 40ft of each other. How’s that lazy enough for u. I just rather push In a button then unplug and move. Fuck all that nonsense.


No, Nintendo

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I tried the enail before, about 7yrs back. 100% utter garbage! And garbage is putting it above what it actually was. If anyone had a LINK to one that they actually use (@Killa12345), post it up or hot the dm. Once again, if you are new, have less than 2hrs read time, do NOT dm me with your spam garbage!


I have several from high 5 vape. They’ve all worked flawless so far.

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This is the exact one I bought

Different seller. Same brand. I own 3 of these all over 3 years old


Freaking 120.xx!
I paind like 650 for my old craptastic unit.
Maybe I’ll order 1 tonight.

Isnt that the guy trying to sue everyone cause he got a bad review. That is a great price, might have to grab one

Mine didn’t come with the titanium mail and was $110

This is the exact seller I bought from over 3 years ago. Fancier nail

No titanium option. The exact one I bought from the exact seller. Took 5 days from China

Open my favorite app! Don’t wait to get more surprises:

Still not bad, id prefer glass over some maybe real titanium.

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Lol damn I didn’t know that. I purchased these all over the last 4-6 yrs. and I haven’t had any issues. But I don’t know about the owners business.

Ya its him i checked the website, nothing against it or any opinion they look like a decent deal and if youve been using them awhile says there quality

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The second seller I post has perfect feedback on DHgate with over 600 feedbacks. That’s where I got all mine. I couldn’t be happier. Do you know how hard perfect DHgate feedback is. Lol

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Gonna order one when I get home from the garden.

You can get em from amazon now, 95 plus tax.

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I use this one. Has a large bucket, and the coil covers the sides and bottom for a more even heat distribution. I have it set to 555f and can probably lower it


I absolutely hate amazon!


If anyone would like an American option that’s fairly priced(but chinese in origin), Divine tribe has a few options under 150. I trust him to stand behind his products if there are any issues


Hahahaha I’m impressed that’s pretty hard honestly. I’ll check those guys out can’t hurt gotta do something for the trimmers. Little raffle and or prize keep em trucking along happy.


I’m just saying there’s a ton of options now, and they’re not priced like they used to be lol

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