Are they crashing out?

Thought id share… noob crystals



Care to share more?

Hydrocarbon? Or Acetone?
How long has it been?
WTF did you do to get to this point?

Yes, that looks like crystallization.


Ok so please dont bash me…

This is done with an open blast using hydrocarbon (Butane)
That photo was taken 5 hours after I put it into the Jar.
I just vac purged it very slowly, on a low heat.

Now I know its very small and my method is very bad. but I just wanted to achieve crystallisation so I can improve on my tek. And grow bigger ones


18hrs later.


Generally you want to build pressure to grow crystals. Makes me wonder if you truly do have crystallization happening.

Also, I can’t NOT say this and I’m sure you already know, but please don’t open blast. It’s incredibly dangerous and not worth the associated risk. Even running hydrocarbon extractions in a C1D1 extraction room carries risks. Be safe!


I did build pressure by capping it during the process.

I totally agree about the dangers. And im working on it. Africa has its limitations


If you can get your hands on ethanol and dry ice, you will have a much easier extraction method. Acetone can be used for crystallization as well.

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Nice little crystals

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How much starting material?

visible crystals in 5hrs on your first attempt seems like a great start. presumably those will make good seeds, or can be recrystallized.

I’ll second @OilArt’s admonition to get yourself a CLS and an engineered space to extract.


how much material did you start with and how much solvent did you run? Was this a bud or trim run? Looks good, stay safe, and I’ll third the motion to upgrade to a CLS :slight_smile:

Looks like a good start! Come on guys, he obviously understands open blasting isn’t ideal, but @Terpslut has been very forthright about the fact that he is in Africa and does not have access to the same equipment as us.

I open blasted out in the woods for several years. If there’s no ignition source, and you are outside in the open with nobody nearby to hurt if something did go wrong, then taking personal risks is a personal decision based on the weight of the reward.


The warning is obligatory more than anything :slight_smile:


I use this method all the time, as long as you do short purge then jar and seal up, in couple weeks it’ll be ready… It’s the easiest method for table salt sized pieces, I like to use dry ice through extraction, I get much tastier more palletable product


Same method just through the jar on constant 85f, the residual tane will build pressure, always use something with mixed hydrocarbon though, NButane/propane/isobutane, several companies that says just butane are all 3

My last picture is same method but when jar up instead of just putting in cabinet I put on thermostat outlet from my grow room (actually my grow room day is85f only thing I had to control was the night, I used thermostat plug in set night to 85, stuck rag over reptile heating pad and plugged into thermostat plug in… Keeps exactly 85f,the residual butane with or without heat WILL build pressure,

DON’T OPEN until done, this will build pressure with or without heat, and make crystals bigger, the bottom picture is just kept at 85f for the 2-3 weeks. It’s biggest Crystals I’ve gotten, and I’ve jarred several without purging at all with about 1/3rd the over all tane left, outcome looks exactly same but in the end I have to clean up the terps some, the other way your doing in beginning… regardless after the long set even with no purge, once crystallization happens the crystals are pretty much purge, the terps can be spread out thinner to help speed things up. I’ve even spread thin and pulled -20 vac on terps with no reaction after 3 weeks on heat, I’m pretty much convinced time gets most everything out if spread out, but I like the heat to help clean tane out better,

Best thing you can do is use tane that’s blended, the blended tane always for more diverse range of things pulled out by extraction.

Butane source data sheets, is good thing to look up, most the good companies have been specd out

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do you just line your jars with PTFE and keep everything on that? I’ve never seen it done that way yet, but always wondered if it would help minimize loss. I also noticed when people are moving the sauce around in the jars it doesn’t seem to stick to the glass like normal non-dewaxed extracts do. Are the waxes what makes it stick to glass?

Yeah I started off lining the jar, no need after crystallization most comes right up, I was starting to think I got faster reaction on PTFE, but now I just leave in jar, those are from early runs, some my first…

Wondering if we’re crashing or need to leave on dry ice longer in iso

Still confused on the method ?

I don’t think you quite understand this phase, this is not to make the THC physically crash out, this is just to gather the THC on the bottom and at the sides so that when you pull it out enjoy it up, all that THC on the bottom that you’ve gathered that looks like crystals, sometimes just a white layer, it melts then because you bring it out of the cold, after that you lit it up directions the crystals you have grown will melt, as the freezer step is not to grow the crystals but to gather the THC on bottom… Does this make sense so once the cold has pushed the THC the bottom like in your jar no more than 4 days then go to the next step

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