Are cannabis derived terpenes federally illegal?

Hello, I’m wondering if I can put cannabis-derived terpenes in cartridges with hemp-derived cannabinoids. Will this be federally legal if I use cannabis-derived terpenes?

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What’s the final thc %?

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Do you want the legal answer or the practical answer?


What do you mean? I’m using hemp-derived delta-8 THC 88% with cannabis-derived terpenes. I plan to sell this and do not want to break laws with the cannabis-derived terpenes.

The legal answer. I want to use terpenes that are federally legal.

So get your cannabis derived terpenes tested for cannabinoids… and retest that D8 at multiple labs


Do terpenes have cannabinoids?

Illegal. Anyone selling cannabis derived terpenes across state lines is committing felonies regardless of the thc %ages. Adding them to a legal product would make it an illegal product regardless of the final thc %

Would you like the practical answer now?


Sure, what is the practical answer?

What’s the practical answer?

The practical answer which I don’t advocate for or recommend, is just calling them hemp terps. If they are under 0.3% when tested, you are good to go


Cannabis-derived terpenes have THC?

Yes. Small amounts, depending on the method of extraction and quality of equipment used. Some have much less than others but most have trace amounts of the dominant cannabinoid

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I will have to change the details of the box to hemp-derived terpenes. I was unaware that cannabis-derived terpenes are illegal.

Good thing I did not order the terpenes yet.

did you get this tested yourself or are you trusting the purveyor? the terps might be the least of your problems in terms of d9 content if you’re worried about federal legality


The supplier provided a lab test.

retest at another lab if you’re trying to cover all bases


Will do that. So I would need to source hemp-derived terpenes to follow federal law? I want to be compliant.


Dude people sling straight up d9, the government doesn’t care about cannabis terps

Is what I’d say if I knew nothing about liability, however I do, so I don’t.