Applying a charge to water from a well source

Has anyone experimented with applying an ionic charge to the water coming up from a well to irrigate plants?

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probably not ideal, the salts can cause an issue.

take salt out of the equation. I was thinking more along the lines of charging the water with say an electromagnet field or an other method to charge the water with out salt if its even possible. Rain has a charge and the plants always seem to do better with rain water vs any other water source I’ve used.

If you want to pull minerals out of water, look up reverse electrolysis. It’s how they can clean large amounts of water after a chemical spill.

Not looking to pull anything out of the water it self just apply a small charge to the water to mimic rain water.


rain water is actually kinda devoid of minerals, an ro system would mimic this better.
I may not be asking the question correctly. I’m not after the purity of the water or lack of minerals. Check out the link above this is more along the lines of what I’m talking about.

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Ion charged h2o I believe you talking about

I wouldn’t be able to help you with that stuff, here is a link that would explain how to make a charge in h20.

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That’s it! I’m curious if anyone has tried this on here. I talked to a farmer last year that said he has had great success with growth and plant health but 99% of people are full of B/S so I’d like to grab a few more opinions.

Yes. From my understanding rain will have a slight negative charge vs no charge from ground water.

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salts are ionic too.

I put a magnetics system on well water from a limestone aquifer for potable water. There was a definite change in the crystal structure of the calcium carbonate scale that would build up on the inline strainers. Structure shifted to a more rod like crystal.

Not yet convinced of the benifit, but did observe a change. Have yet to try the system on plants.

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I forget where I read it or heard it, but does flowing/moving water not naturally carry a negative charge?

If there would be a way to detect the charge of the flowing water in a system like this and you could seperate the streams right before they jump to the opposite charged side you could make both positive charged and negative charged water.


Edit: After reading again and watching the video at the bottom of the article im not clear if the water streams themselves are holding the charge or the metal coils and mesh screen, or both