Anyone want to talk about SPD set points?

I am trying to lean how to work my set points, i think I may be going to high in Temperature (other then my vacuum leak) due to missing fractions? I guess my question is when I’m going for my manes do you just wait until it runs thick? Or do you set it for a higher temperature say 140c or do you set it for the 132c or whatever you’re aiming for?

I slowly ramp up. 160c and let it run for a bit (watch the drops), then to 170 and hold there and watch the drops. 180 and wait for the heads to run their course and the start of mains.

Theres quite a bit of info on here about this. Gotta use that search button and some read time.


If you don’t fix that leak you’re gunna have a bad time


how viscous the stuff dripping from your condenser is, depends on where you have your condenser set. (so what temp are you running your condenser?)

you’re not getting mains (nor manes) at 140C if you’ve got a vac leak. I’m not certain you can achieve mains at 140C even with 10-2 microns, and you’re probably well above 100microns.

if you’re getting “thick” at 140C and 200micron I’m betting you’re running a chiller on your condenser and are at 10C rather than 95-130C.

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