Anyone using microGoo for nanoemulsion?

Looking to see if anyone has had much success with MicroGoo by Embark Nano (previously Axiom)? The videos sound pretty convincing but I know this platform will “keep it real”.

Looking to use with our current edibles and future drinks. Thoughts, reviews?

Thanks in Advance!

theres some thread talking about it= i think if they call it goo then id prefer an ingredient list. its being directly ingested so you cant just call it goo.

Actually they can call it whatever they want, unless you know of a law that says they can’t name their shit certain things.
I have heard shitty things about Goo, including bitterness. Just research, use the search thing.

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I was told by the local health authority that MCT+disty can’t be called a tincture b.c. there’s not alcohol in it, we settled on serum… Even though there’s no blood in it :man_facepalming:

10/10 wouldn’t consume a product with goo in the name though. Sounds gross and un-inventive


Not my point , I would look up stuff I was interested in
And I think that health authority dude is wrong, there is nothing that says a tincture has to be from alcohol. Many many tinctures are not done with alcohol, and actually alcohol would possibly cause more problems.
Again, I’d be interested to see something in writing instead of some government clown being ultra-wrong

I thought of using it too- search

There’s a law where they need to disclose their ingredients and last time I checked, they were breaking that law.

From a pharmaceutical standpoint, tinctures are classified as alcoholic/hydroalcoholic solutions.

Tinctures “done” without ethanol as a solvent would likely not be classified as such.

@cannaqueen I worked with Embark when they were Axiomm Technologies. Great team, great facilities. They know what they are doing and always have, from the start. I personally haven’t used this product, but I know there has been a ton of R&D put into it.


I think the issue at hand with this product was that youre processing an unknown goo to bypass a bunch of shit in your body and you dont even know whats in it

Were they formally Axiom because they killed someone and had to rebrand?

I haven’t used MicroGoo for nanoemulsion but i have worked with sonomechanics nanostabilizer. its an all-in-one. it does the job right but all our solutions have been bitter. im interested in alternatives to see if maybe i can reduce the bitterness. hmu If you have any questions on how/what we use nanoemulsions or any advice on how to reduce bitterness.

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Thank you, I’ve reached out to Sonomechanics after reading your post. Will to give it a try. Are you using ultra sonic homogenizer or rotor?

Adding your flavoring after homogenizing would also lessen the bitterness as it’s not nanoemulsified.

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Whatever it might be - you’re probably better off just designing your own emulsified system, it’s probably cheaper in the long run as well to be able to design it yourself so you can just directly source the components in bulk opposed to paying a markup and premium for something advertised as “made for water soluble thc/cbd”. We all know these kinds of things get the good 'ole “cannabis tax”. I refuse to pay these markups.

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we use the Ultra sonic. I tried adding a mint flavoring to the solution after word which kind of worked but not as much as I liked. I’m thinking maybe clove extract or cinnamon. Let me know how your runs go. I’m always interested learn more!

we had a someone who worked with us say the same thing but the end result was a almost milk like solution. Products used was MCT oil, Span 80, and tween 80.

I currently have a water soluble microemulsion. Just waiting for my sonicator to arrive and we’ll see if the same blend turns it into a nanoemulsion. My microemulsion does in fact have a little bit of a white hue to it, but I’m not opposed to that because it gets diluted down in the final product anyway and it doesn’t influence the color of the final product.

So I would say so long as the particle size is right, the activation time is sub 15 minutes, and it ends up being water soluble in the final product you are infusing…I don’t think the color of the emulsion matters at all.

ok I see, I haven’t ran the homemade nanoemulsion with and cbd or thc. I assumed it would effect the final product but it couldn’t hurt try.