Anyone need -80C chillers, more than 20 set -80C chillers for sale

Hello, Guys
Anyone need -80C chillers? We have more than 20 set -80C chillers for sale. factory direct sales, price is very good.
DM me or send me email for more infomation.


Price ?

cooling capacity: 650W at -80C one, FOB price is $7.7k


Can you tell us the specs? What are the swept volume, rpm, and refrigerant of the compressors? How many stages?


Yes attached the pic of its label.
It is two stages compressors, first one is filled with R404, second stage is R23


Thank you for the nameplate! Do you know the swept volume and rpm of the low stage (r23 stage) compressor? That is: how many cubic meters per revolution and how many revolutions per minute of r23? It matters for how quickly the system operates before it gets down to temperature


It is Tecumseh closed piston compressor: TAG2522Z.


You see why its only worth 2 stamps and a jawbreaker? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@SidViscous Can you tell me XYZ?
@EffisonAndy Yes
@SidViscous I need to know XYZ as it is important
@EffisonAndy Yes, $7.7k, you order now?


To be fair, by telling me the compressor model number I can look up everything I asked. He/she has been pretty forthcoming with the questions I ask. I feel like we often throw stones at the foreign manufacturers because they often don’t innovate and don’t have the fundamental knowledge of what they’re building. But then we spoon feed morons in CO and FL boiling gasoline out of their trap oil.

Personally, I’m a cheep ass bastard that would rather buy something and hot rod it or make it work than have to build something from scratch. So it’s in my (and almost everyone on this site’s) interest to spoon feed the Chinese manufacturers with what I want for equipment. At worst, they won’t do it, or will do it poorly but big whoop, didn’t take that much of my time. I don’t have enough time to build 1/100th of the systems I come up with as it is. Call me a fool for wasting my time but if nothing else it puts the info out for anyone who cares to look for it.

@BG305 I don’t mean to make this an attack by any means whatsoever, I just think it’s a point worth making for why us kludgers should bother to help raise the bar for even the cheap import equipment.

As far as this chiller, I think it’s actually theoretically capable of more than the quoted power at -80 but if I had to guess the issue will be with the compression ratio. When I’m not doing the math on my phone I’ll double back. Everyone is better off if I point out any shortcomings. @EffisonAndy would have the opportunity to make changes if they are necessary and the future4.2k folk will know what they are if he weren’t to.


Thank you for your fair answer, I agree with you. I have been in this field for more than 10 years. In the first few years, the main equipment was laboratory instruments and not cannabis equipment. I used to work for precision extraction solutions for three years, do the quality control and price negotiation in China, I left the boat and set up my own company 4 years ago, and I have been working hard to make my products meet your requirements as much as possible. I know that I will receive a lot of hates on the forum or Facebook etc. Every time I see, I will try to find the places I need to correct from hates, but most hates have no reason, all I can do is ignore them. Thank you again for your justice. It is very difficult to maintain justice in this international environment and this crazy world.


Do you have a cooling capacity chart? Thanks.


Very good lesson here for all of us

Do you have an American distribution center?


Room Temp: 13140W
0C is 12050W.
-20C 11062W
-40C 6688W
-60C 2378W
-80C 650W


Sorry We have no the distribution center in USA now

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As long as they dont start using the equipment and flooding the US market with cheap CBD products your safe. When that happens you will look back and reflect on giving them your SOP.

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He is not giving anybody his SOP. He said his suggestions(if he has any)could help improve the product(If it needs any). I see that as a win win.


I see cheap CBD products from china as a win win also. Not sure the CBD gang will though. :man_shrugging:t2:

What does him selling cheap chillers have to do with China flooding us with cheap cbd? Ya lost me


When I said improve the product I meant improve the chillers or other equipment not CBD.

I have no doubt in my mind that someone will come around and eat my lunch if I don’t continue to innovate. I also have absolute confidence in my ability to continue to do so. But having a better cheaper supply of equipment isn’t really that relevant here. I’m not selling anything that’s been done before and in this particular instance I’ve already posted multiple open source designs for chillers like this because I would like to STOP building them lol.

And you’re right, if I was a chiller manufacturer I would probably be happy if everyone else built shitty equipment. But I’m not and for everyone other than chiller manufacturers, better products are a good thing. I could care less if the best chiller in the world came from Huber or some shenzen based factory. But I doubt Huber is really concerned about it.