Anyone know who manufacturers this vape?

Anyone know who the manufacturer of this hardware is?
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Hello @ZizzleB Thanks for your attention. Here is some info that may help you.

From the picture, I can see the ID seems like iKrusher TIK Pro, and uses wickless ceramic heating element.

Regarding the factory, as far as I know, more and more vape device players (like Itsuwa, BUDTANK, MAXCORE, ALD, etc) launched wickless & postless technology and related products.

I’m glad that we are one of the first manufacturers to launch the BCORE Technology (Postless & Wickless heating element) in 2019. Our development concept: we are trying to develop the heating element (different from vertical ceramics coil) that does not require the selection of oil inlet holes and can be adapted to different types of oils, especially for thicker oils. Also the heating wire is equipped with “Composite Embedment” Technology and does not come into direct contact with the oil.

In 2019, we launched our BCORE V18 cartridge.

In 2020,we launched our BCORE V21 Vape Cartridge.

In 2021,we launched our BCORE AIO DS9 Disposable Vape.

I believe that wickless & postless products will be a trend soon, and we will launch more and more related products. Thank you for your attention again.


I thought it was the Tik Pro as well, but the pictures on ikrusher’s site had the charging port on the bottom, not on the side, so I wasn’t sure.
Maybe the distributor/buyer just changed it up a bit to make it less recognizable. The distributor does market it as their exclusive model.

We can manufacture this, customization, oem, odm are no problem.
What tank capacity do you use? We have cartridges, disposables, vape pens, pods and filling machine.
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