Anyone having trouble selling CBD distillate in Illinois?

Just became operational about a month ago and being cleared by the county, etc. I’m sitting on 10 liters of CBD distillate with <0.3% THC and I’m having a hard time finding people to buy it. I’m not charging obscene amounts as I realize the market is in a downturn right now and the prices are settling.

I know many of you here already have contacts, but is it feasible for a lab like mine that produces 10-11 kg CBD distillate a week to be able to sell that oil every week to someone?


Do I need to scale up my operation and produce more?

What are some places I might not know about to sell my product? Online or IRL. I signed up for Kush website, but still waiting for them to verify.

Anywhere else?

Thanks, guys. Much love.


I’m setting up a lab near Chicago. Send me a DM.

Distribution is the kicker. What are you charging?

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I’m currently in the process of opening up a lab as well and my estimated throughput per week is 10 kg, so this is a little concerning!

I’m not sure, but I’ve been lurking on Future4200 for a while now and it might be that 10 liters is too much for a small business and too little for a big business if that makes any sense. I think a few of the guys here team up with each other to fill big contracts.

I’m sort of just working under the assumption that if I keep my prices competitive, people will be inclined to buy…but now I’m not so sure. Haha.

Let me know what happens, OP! Good luck.

Are you allowed to sell retail? Selling CBD online is easier than ever. If you need help setting up an online store and integrating a CBD-friendly payment processor, shoot me a message.

A kind of silly market but one I’m seeing a lot more on social media is glass drams of sugared up distillate with added terps for dabbing. Kind of gimmicky but if you force a little bit of recrystallization it does give a similar appearance to live resin in consistency. I’ve played around with it myself and admittedly it does look really cool. But that’s about it. Not many other ways to rebrand distillate.


Distillate sales are drying up due to the vape crisis i went from selling 20-30 L a week to about 15. Had to change up my game and find a niche. I recommend you do the same.

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It took 50%!?

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to put things in perspective, the company i was selling majority of my disty too went from producing and selling around 10k carts a week to less than 6k, they are freaking out too, getting ready to downsize.

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It’s only cyclical.

You will be fine as market is on its way up again. But damn! That’s why you save 15% of all net profit for bad times!

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indeed!!! i had to move into primarily CBG stuff, atleast the CBG market is still healthy.

im not too concerned i have like 50kg of CBD disty nitro packed waiting for a market swing!!!


How long do you think CBG will be healthy for ?

Its hard to say, CBG prices are already crashing, but atleast for the rest of this harvest/year i think it will stay somewhat stable and profitable.

Ive been doing pretty well with CBGA isolate though :wink: I think that will stay profitable for quite a while.


I’m very glad!

I had chances to buy CBG flower but I’m not sure if this is where I wanna plant my machine into the market.

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cbg flower prices are laughable! early this harvest some dude wanted 1200 a #…

What are you charging? The going rate for cbd distillate thats not ND on thc is around $3k right now.

about 2500 for compliant, depending on volumn Tfree is about 3500-3750 a L

at this point you cant even give away hot disty

Why are people so afraid of hot distillate? It’s not an end product, almost anything you do with it will dilute the THC low enough to be compliant, anything except vapes really. Unless I’m missing something here?

My lab has been operational for about three months now, sitting on 50 kilos of full spectrum that we’re also having a lot of trouble selling. The THC : CBD ratio is actually pretty good too, I think our highest batch tested around 2.7%THC with CBD around 80% . We’re considering moving into the T-Free space, but it sounds like no matter where you go it’s a crap shoot. I don’t want to invest in the remediation tech if I’m going to end up selling the final product for almost exactly what I’m selling my full spec for…I guess other than the fact that I’m not selling my full spec :thinking:

Anyway, I think you guys are right. We’ve been talking about it here too - we’re too big for the little guys and too small for the big guys. Also I don’t actually think a lot of these “big guys” exist.

Has any actually ever filled a 500 - 1000 kilo order?

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Because the only thing that separates Hemp from Cannabis is federal law.

The second it’s over .3%. It’s defined as cannabis.

Big guys exist, I’m like you in no man’s land even with compliant. Better start tolling. Splits will leave you broke unless you have volume and fulfill a large contract.


If there’s any processor/distributor near IL who’s in the same middle ground and having to turn down large scale contracts, DM me.

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