Anyone having trouble selling CBD distillate in Illinois?

I’m looking for full spec. Please do pricing on 1kg. Thanks

Let me know when your lab in set up.
I’m located in Glenview Il. Lan in Northbrook.
We produce cbg distillate.
Zina 312-259-2113

Is T-free mean THC free?

What is a split?

Need same issues resolved- we should start a team order thread lol


Yes, T-Free is THC free

Do you have the distilled available? please dm me if so.

Does anything actually ever sell on that site? I’ve seen labs with the same stuff offered for months there. I’d be curious to see the stats on how much product actually moves through that site.

I have personally purchased many Liters of CBD Distillate from multiple vendors as well as Hemp flower & pre rolls for my retail stores. I’m sure there are a lot of sales happening on that site.

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I’m actually about to try out a new vendor very soon that I found on there with distillate at $1600/liter

What % CBD?


Heard it was a scammer site.

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I have been scammed before trying to buy hemp flower but not with distillate. I’m sure they are out there just like everywhere else but lots of good vendors also

Need hemp flower in the Chicago area

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