Anyone having problems with extraction equip companies?


Make some good ones that fit really well and make a website and start peddling em. Honestly, not enough guys use them and should be introduced


Hey @GandalfTheGreen mind sharing where?


I think that’s where he goes through


My bad for not reading the thread! Thanks for pointing it out.


Sorry about that.
What equipment do u purchase from that company?
If u want labs equipment, you could dm and I could meet your requirement as far as possible.
I am China manufacture that specializing in producing labs equipment


Forgive my newbie question, but, I’m guessing you’re using the filter socks to filter your ethanol wash?


No, butane extractors. BHOGART brand. Slip a packed sock in your material column and flush butane through, yank sock back out when done. Love using them, never packing raw again.


My bhogart tube is 4’ tall. do u get it for the whole length or just the first 12-20"?


We go approximately 50% of the length of the tube (plus a couple inches so it cinches around the top properly).

If we used ones the full size of the tube, we would have trouble clearing the ceiling when putting them in / pulling them out.


Can u post a pic?

I need to get up to speed with my bho system. I got it this summer and haven’t put it to use yet…took a short course, but didn’t take notes and was too baked to memorize all the steps of the process…giving thanks for this resource!


you put the cannabis in the tube. else you get the hose again!

in this case the cannabis goes in a bag. and the bag goes in the tube.

in @GandalfTheGreen’s case, they use two bags per tube, otherwise there is not enough clearance to pull the sock and replace it with fresh material.

they speed up loading and unloading. but there is usually a reduction in total material capacity. The last team I worked with was only getting 20lb through an Iron Fist FX-40 (nominal 40lb loading) using socks.


I load my socks in the column and can fit full amount desired. I do have a few columns to make this possible. I have thought about finding a pvc sleeve that fit in the column with minimal gap. Load the sock in the pvc tube, pull it out, then put in the column. Wouldn’t get the full amount, but I’d get more than loading it flaccid.


That’s why we are building our own. 20x as big at a fraction of the cost per unit. And equipment like this is the industry we are already in.


What if you had multiple socks and instead of just sliding them in you packed each one in getting close to maximum capacity, like three sock that are half the length of the tube but pack them in there so they all fit


What size diameter is the tube ?
3" tubes have a perfect fit for 70Mm ( Metric)
What i did is by thinwalled ss metric sized tubes and us those as socks
And those You can pressure fill all the way


Sounds like you need to pack them socks tighter.

We use a makeshift platform constructed out of a material tube that was cut in half, and welded onto a square platform.

You can also preweigh material to help set a sort of goal for how tight they need to be packed.

We have no problem getting 40 pound sets into a set of four 6x48" tubes - I’m fairly sure that’s the same tube size and quantity as the EX40.

I hear a lot of talk about how socks reduce your loading capacity but frankly I’ve found it to be very minimal and I think those people just need to work out some packing logistics to see better results.


4" tube. I’m figuring a 3-4mm pvc sleeve that is just an RCH smaller than the 4", would achieve what I’m trying.


whoops. yeah EX-40. nominal 40lb.

So why are you only running 20lb’s a run through it guys?!?


clearly packing the socks inside something solid is helpful. I’ll certainly try providing that guidance if the opportunity presents itself.

I like Rogue’s solution, and I don’t think he’s alone in using SS sleeves.


Yes, packing the socks inside something solid is absolutely a necessity for good results.

Personally I’m not sure about using a rigid stainless sleeve. We get our socks so cheap we have them as single use because it’s no longer worth the manpower or the solvent it would take to clean them. Makes for a very efficient workflow. Use a fuckton of socks but it actually comes out cheaper for us in the long run - and more sanitary too because mesh filtration is really very difficult to get 100% clean-like-new after they have been used.


That’s why you care about their price. Makes sense. I have 3-4 90 micron socks and I kill one every few weeks. They are only $13 bucks. I understand if I used them once, it would impractical. I do like that idea though. Would make discarding much easier, too.