Anyone having problems with extraction equip companies?


so who has socks in stock that fit solid in 6in tubes?


I’ve mentioned them before but Knight Corporation does custom any size.


Gandalf hates me mentioning them, but az press co has em. I just made an order this week. These aren’t throw away ones. You’ll get several uses. But, I will give @GandalfTheGreen the credit, the single use is pretty handy. But I think they are also different materials and everything.


we need a machine that grinds and stuffs biomass into an endless biodegradible hemp mesh tube. then twists to compress slightly and cuts to length.


That would be awesome. Like making sausages




Oh you can get several uses out of Knight socks, too. They’re durable enough for a couple uses, but that’s not why we do single use. Part of it is for sanitary reasons, the other part of it is that at $2.01 per sock, it is no longer worth the cost of manpower or solvent to clean the sock. But, if you want to overpay, then by all means don’t let me stop you!


Ahhhh I’m wondering if they keep them stocked and ready to ship. Blowing out tubes tends to make a bit of a mess…


They do. I order them regularly.

Though, I don’t disagree with you in any way or form @GandalfTheGreen. At that price it does make sense. But, is there a link where you can post, or does it have to be a convoluted process to get these sent for that price?And how many do you have order to get those impeccable discounts? For the novice to intermediate extractor $13 isn’t a bad deal. I personally like the sausage idea best.

@cyclopath instead of the ACE could you make an AIPWITT


I vote +1 for AIPTWITT

I’d happily supply smashy/stuffy/filly/twisty design services. I think it would actually not be too overly difficult to make something like this, all of the individual problems are fairly well-solved.

Keeping it clean and functioning efficiently would probably be the hardest part. Well, making it idiot-proof would be the hardest. Clean and working is second hardest.


As village idiot, failure mode analysis is absolutely in my job description :slight_smile: