Anyone having problems with extraction equip companies?

I am having the worst time getting ahold of someone competent in the sales departments of at least 3 of the “major” equipment manufacturing companies. One place didn’t answer calls or emails for 2 days. Another one I called 4 times today, leaving a message with a live person each time and still didn’t receive a call back. Another promised a quote by today, I followed up twice and was promised it within minutes, nothing.
This is crazy, these places sell super expensive equipment and seem amazingly unprofessional.
Anyone else having similar experiences?

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If the company is an affiliated GLG company, and you become a member, part of the deal is I personally do third party conflict mitigation.

Care to share which companies are ignoring you?


Lol, a lot of people have had an issue with some companies I won’t name. One company I called up trying to buy some material tube socks, and they ghosted me the next day, never returned my calls after that.


Welcome to the business. Wait until you encounter the bio mass realm. Hope you’re ready for the journey. Lol.


I hope that we aren’t on that list. We’ve had issue with our phones lately so that could be the case. If so you can always send me an email or DM me here or in instagram.

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Try azpress co for tube socks…super quick to respond and can even do custom sizes


We’ve been using Knight Corporation.

Edit - Yikes! Just checked that place out. Highest prices I’ve seen anywhere.


I don’t even think its just the companies offering extraction equipment, I’ve had the same problems with companies selling filtration equipment, centrifuges and other major infrastructure that we needed to set up our facility, these companies didn’t even know I was interested from the vantage point of a cannabusiness. Can’t understand why it takes a month to return a phone call on a $40k piece of equipment, I’ve never worked anywhere that ignoring a customer wanting to spend $40 grand with the company wouldn’t get you fired.


Agreed! I’ve been asking the same question, we’ve worked with over 4 companies, spending over 40k, the most recent experience literally almost made it impossible to buy the equipment that we were inquiring about… it took a month to get a quote and 3 months to actually get a confirmation to pick up after we gave our deposit and lead time of 2 weeks max… really frustrating!

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You were not on that list no.

Absolutely agreed. Any business I ran would also fire a person that cost us a 40k+ sale. There is a lot of room to professionalize and standardize in this industry.

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What do filter socks run for from there?

It can vary a lot depending on what size you get but I’d say about a quarter the price of any other extractor company I’ve seen retailing them.

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Hey i am looking into the socks atm. Only for a 4x24 column can u let me know when you have time. Happy thanksgiving. @goldleaf_scientific

Az press Co has them for like $15… How is that over priced?


Thanks brotha!

I get them for $2. It’s overpriced. Lmao

I haven’t seen anyone sell them for less than that, sooo. And most places are more than $13 for a 4" that actually fits. But, if $12 bucks is such an amount to laugh at someone, by all means.

I make my own socks, very easy, takes 15 minutes per. Material cost is about $4 each


That’s pretty rad.