Anyone have experience with SDA40-B190 proof ethanol?

Has anybody used SDA40-B190 proof Ethanol for extraction? I would really appreciate some feedback if you have!


please don’t…

Authorized Uses:
As a solvent: Hair and scalp preparations; Bay rum; Lotions and creams (hand, face, and body); Deodorants (body); Perfumes and perfume tinctures; Toilet waters and colognes; Shampoos; Soaps and bath preparations; External pharmaceuticals, not U.S.P. or N.F; Disinfectants, insecticides, fungicides, and other biocides; Cleaning solutions (including household detergents); Theater sprays, incense, and room deodorants. Miscellaneous uses: Product development and pilot plant uses (own use only)…

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Why not? Could you explain please? We use CDA 12 A at the moment.

I’ve always wondered, why is there a tax on alcohol for hemp extraction, despite being used for industrial purposes and why can’t we do anything to waive the tax?

This is my dumb question for the day.

do you understand where the bittrex is when you’re done?
(hint, taste your work)

do you have to permits for SDA rather than CDA?

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all you have to do is ask for it back. only owe $1 per gallon.

links to this information have been posted repeatedly around here.

edit: :spoon: Excise Tax on Pure Ethanol?

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Anybody here ever get it back? I know you can apply for a refund if your end product is below .5% abv, but I don’t know anyone who has been successful in getting any money back.



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SDA 40B is the primary Blend used for Hand sanitizer, Hairspray, dry shampoo ETC. It is 99%+ Pure Ethanol and the remaining is Dentanium Benzoate and Tertiary Butyl Alcohol. D.B is also known by its trade name Bitrex. It is a highly concentrated bitterant but more important you cannot distill it out.

In short - this blend was created for folks who said - Look I need the functionality of Pure Ethanol but I am looking to avoid paying taxes. So the TTB years ago developed this blend. Now you still need an SDS permit (specially denatured spirits) and that is the TTBs way of tracking and monitoring folks using SDA materials or what you can easily remember as a slang name “slightly denatured” because that is what these blends aim for. The TTB says OK we will develop a ton (over 100) blends that are denatured and require no excise tax payment BUT you must report to us VIA a permit and disclose your manufacturing process and application for approval

The reason CDA 12A is non permitted is becuase the TTB has deemed the amount of N-Heptane in the blend - 4.76% is substantial to the point it cannot be truly distilled out to be left with Pure Ethanol. As a comparison SDA 3A which is 95% Pure Ethanol and 5% methanol is permitted because you can easily and entirely remove the Methanol and be left with Pure alcohol. The TTB cares about one thing - control and revenue driven from Excise tax derived from Pure Ethanol

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No - currently the TTB provides Federal Drawback on what they approve as MNBP - or Manufactured Non Beverage Products. So for instance we at Greenfield Global sell Pure Ethanol to folks in the Flavor industry making Extracts. Now because the FDA Considers these products GRAS (Generally regarded as a safe) they can apply for drawback under the approved “flavor extraction” under the MNBP. This means they pay the excise tax in full and every 90 days they file federal drawback and get 97% of the Excise tax back

Because the FDA has not classified CBD as GRAS by default as the dominos fall it cannot be approved under the MNBP for drawback. It truly is unfair the way the GOVT has handled this but it is as they say what it is

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This is very helpful information. Thank you. Is there any benefit to using SDA 3C over SDA3A?