Anyone ever try this Brushless Navac NRP6Di Smart Vacuum Pump?

Seems awesome for 480 bucks… I’m sure the micron gauge is crap but who cares this could possibly a high performance , low cost option to get down to 6 microns, with gauge at pump… If someone was to try and get into Short Path this could be a great option. I bet the brushless performance is killer and efficient.

for spd? the specs claim it only pulls to 15 microns


100% garbage. Made for HVAC basically. Doesn’t have analytical performance or pulp curve required to be a good pump. Insides are garbage.


The specs say it all. Poor quality. I would venture to offer that 15 micron is minutes down the road. Where a Edwards can go to 1 micron in seconds. I would bet this is used all day to pump down a hvac system.

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If it does 15 its already better than most peoples setup’s that I’ve noticed, I bet it would make some good low quality medicine not your high horse level for sure but i bet it would be great for many. this is an expensive hobby if it was not then why do so many run away from summit’s prices and go anywhere for a deal… lmfao we all know it’s not your way that doesn’t mean it’s the only way. I’d get one just to pull shit fractions at that price, must be nice to own a turbo pump or diffusion like you do, but I don’t know that many looking to spend 4 to 15 grand just on vacuum to make 5 dollar a gram disty lolz

You do realize we sell at or below msrp …

We don’t abuse people and we always offer deals and price cuts if you call us.

15 micron isn’t suitable. I mean my two cents from my calcs. What your saying is some people will be okay using it. But some people aren’t okay having it. It would be personal preference. Honestly I like to go to the edge of the distillation cusp. By that’s my worthless two cents.

I would love to be on that level like I said its in poor taste to tell people they cant make low quality medicine if it is better than they had or have, especially when they need it! I feel it’s doing more people favors showing the less fortunate and enthusiast’s and hobby level folks they can get by with poor performance and still have exponentially cleaner medicine then they had. I’m sure you know what i’m talking about judging by your response. not everyone is looking to make a million carts and chase big bucks.

Give me a ring I might be able to dig up some used Edwards in a pile from time to time that would be better off.


I been eyeballing an edward’s 30 if I ever get so lucky. my budget is low. have wife and kid’s and about 10,000 other things I am passionate about. Philanthropy being one of them. It honestly scares me how much I identify with you personality wise, lmao. because a lot of people seem to dislike you, but I’ve always said I wasn’t there and there and there is always two sides to every story. I’m usually the first to admit your right about a lot in this gig, and agree with a Lot of facts you provide.

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We did a experiment. We messages and asked people blindly what they didn’t like about me.

1% said i voided thier warranty (most likely for doing something stupid) and we got into a argument and they never let go of it.

99% never met me and hears the shit the 1% said.

This is what people said about me and it was obvious the more of these people who have met me suddenly learned I talked with a crassy sarcasm and I’m nothing like what some people say.

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I know what your saying that’s for sure. hater’s gonna hate… and when it comes to business and markets to share people get uncivilized real fast, I don’t blame them they love their monetary gain, and get accustomed to it. I’ve been up and I’ve been down and now I’m back in the lower middle but my happiness increased. mo money mo problems old adage lol But if I know anything scientist’s also argue and debate but they are also in search of truth and facts and love to be proven wrong and rewarded with solid knowledge and understanding. at least most I know of, and people get heated when they debate and get hurt egos and we all know how that goes. it’s just ridiculous the amount of egotistical individuals I see in this game. I been growing since I was 12 my father is a Vietnam veteran he was a lil nuts and needless to say he didn’t get scared the way normal people do, so I grew up a lil nuts as well, lol. but anyways over the year’s all I have ever seen is everyone saying how they have the best everything dabs, extracts, rosins, resins, Keif , plants, biggest buds. ego driven people staying up at night waiting for anyone to click the like button on fb and ig

I want to see this pos go head to head with other pumps in it’s class just out of curiosity won’t hurt anyone but some poorly made disty and a learning experience it’s a 1000 brand new I just want to know how shitty is shitty

This is like a jb vacs pump. Check then out and test those. Basically the same inside. The second pic you posted looks like a different casing.

I’m into Electrical Engineering kinda why the DCBL motor caught my attention

I wish there was a cost vs performance list it sure would keep a lot of dumb vacuum questions from being asked lol

I bet we will see more brushless High performance pumps I’ve considered driving a pump with high torque servo motor instead I could increase my shittty chrina pump’s performance at risk of mechanical explosion

Yes Siemens makes them and they are legally a standard in the USA to sell worth pump. It’s considered illegal to sell anything at 1hp or so without a he motor on it now. They come on all need eedwards and are silent and last a while.

can you imagine throttling the vacuum pumps rpm with a servo motor, damn son… I got the idea from you I believe a while back when I saw you offered a variable driver My first thought was hook a high torque cnc servo and driver. could probably overdrive the shit out of it, no idea what the wear factor would be mechanically

What ya have in the spares pile as far as spd vac pumps (2l).