Anyone ever built a chiller + reservoir in a freezer?



I was thinking about cutting a couple holes in the lid of a small chest freezer and either putting a keg of glycol in there, or maybe just filling the whole thing with glycol, then running a copper coil or two through the whole thing. Figured a big reservoir like that would provide a ton of cooling, especially if I let it sit overnight.

Would run cooling fluid through the coils? Or even just pump the liquid directly and not even both with the coils at all?

My only worries would be the freezer running too much? (Blow the pump on my $100 used freezer) or hitting a coil or something in the lid?

Any thoughts on the topic? Seems like it’s a good potential combination of cheap & effective.



Thinking of doing the same myself



I have a freezer full of glycol/water and it has lived for a while now. No coil in the glycol but the freezer was cheap and still works. it does radiate a noticable amount of heat. It doesn’t run as often as I thought it would.



freezer/fridge isnt meant for a constant heat load and the compressor is small. a window AC unit is far superior to make a diy chiller from.



I bet it doesn’t, the freezer must hold an enormous amount of thermal mass.

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What if you use the freezer to get as cold as it can as in res. And put the ac coils inside for extra power?



The freezer will get the coolant to low temp but as soon as a load is put on it it will start heating up

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Hence why I’m thinking multiple ac units to pick up the slack