Anybody using David's glassware?

Anybody here running glassware from david? I’m considering the isolation adapter and full bore cold trap from him. I have Rocco now and they want 475 just for the adapter.

Been wondering this too. I wouldn’t mind a full bore 5l set up.

I’m rocking his 5L head, 2.5L recieving flask and a giant cold trap from david.
I’m getting 300-400ml/hr distillation rates and running between 191C and 200C.
I’m getting close to water clear on some of my runs.

This is my rapid first pass (200C on BF, 400ml/hr)


Do you have a vac guage? Do you know the micron your pulling?

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That 2.5L receiving flask is very sexy. Siskel and Ebert give you 5 out of 5 pop corn bags:+1::sunglasses:

I also like the condense right before the cold trap and I agree it’s a monster

To the op. I have only purchased from David as I’m still piecing together my system. However I’m so impressed by the quality that I have received that I intend on buying everything I need from him


That receiving flask is slick.

I’ve had thoughts of getting @david to make me some custom media storage vacuum rated bottles with gl80 threaded tops and an inner female 45 - 50 joint. Could also easily do a gl45 media bottle with an inner female 2440 joint


if it is possible. pls sent to me sketch or drawing.thanks!


I use some of David’s glass it works great


I’ve got some coming. @david has been great. Initially I was attempting to design some cool stuff for us with him. He’s totally willing to help to the utmost. Problem is I dunno how to do slick drawings like @square_root_pharms does, hence translation, and communication has been difficult. Combine that with my schedule and time difference and it’s a no win. Id need someone fluent in Chinese, and one in cad to team up with. Kudos to David for his efforts in helping us get affordable, quality, custom glassware. I will update when I get my stuff. Cheers guys


80 microm average during main body, 200 micron average during volatiles/heads, I was hitting 60 micron when I ran my 2L and a LS Head and only got max 150ml/hr


I asked him about 1L regent bottles with gl80 caps last night, hes asking his brother company what they can do.
I get 1L gl 45 caps for about 10-12 each right now. They make your disty stand compared to a Mason jar.

@The_Lone_Stiller hes been able to make all my designs just based off simple hand drawings, he goes over the specs with u before he makes it and shows u before he sends it. I’ve bought 2 rounds of glass from him and the second was completely custom. I’ve got him making better 24/40 to kf25 adapters right now, that are half the price of any US company. Hes also redesigning the 5L head I got from him to my specific specs. It’s actually pretty awesome having a cheap quality custom glass source. Hes easily 1/5 the price of anything else, when it comes to glass


i just havent had time to finish or mess with this stuff yet… @Killa12345 sorry it’s taking so long


I also have an idea for a 60/50 jointed short but packable fatty where the condenser bore on out to the cold traps all utilize 45/50 joints lol


Angle seems a bit off there

Yes it is , using this test head which is a 60• angle my other heads are ia 75• angle.


I just ordered a complete 5L “laminar path” setup from @david with a few customizations. So far communication has been excellent and I couldn’t be happier with pricing. Will update on quality as I receive and test the apparatus.


I just ordered a 5L full boar setup with a few small mods. Very responsive and grwat prices. Thank you @david

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I also just ordered 5l full bore kit from him, very easy to communicate with responds quickly cant wait for it to arrive

I got pictures of my items on May 4th, received them May 8th. Very fast from China, I’m amazed. He fixed the bore on the PTFE Adapters, they now match what the US companies make. He threw in a free thermowell for me, it isnt as picture perfect as summits, but it beats a straight tube one. I can’t complain, I was surprised by free glass and very grateful
I’ll be testing everything out Thursday, I’ll keep u updated.
He didnt even charge me for shipping. This guy wants to make you a happy customer! :ok_hand::man_dancing:


That stuff looks great @Thetetraguy. I needed one of those Thermo wells… I got my order. I messed up. I was too impulsive and ordered most things incorrectly. I can’t use most of it. I need to reorder. The 34/45 60 degree angle head I got seems like it will be okay. Needed that thermowell tho… I’m pretty bummed overall.

Shipping was lightning fast! Like one day! Thanks @david.