Anybody offering a large scale SOP for spraying THC?

Hey Fam, I’ve been searching the site and haven’t found much info on spraying flower at scale. We make infused prerolls and are needing to spray several pounds a day and are having trouble scaling it effectively. We’re having to balance heating the flower while spraying the THC and are wanting to transition to a large candy coating machine (think cement mixer) but I’d rather find someone who is already spraying at scale and learn from them.

If there’s a thread on here that I’ve missed, please share.



what method are you using now ?

There is a very long thread here on the topic. I think freezing the distillate, then crushing into a powder to coat won the debate. Spraying just doesnt work as well.


We are laying the ground flower onto a large sheet, out heating pads on the bottom and spraying it with the champ distillate sprayer. Then fluffing it and soraying more and repeating until all the oil is gone. So far works well but it’s small scale. Someone has to have figured out how to spray hundreds of pounds a week and we’re just not there

Freeze the disty, powderize it, then mill it with your flower. Or…buy powdered THCA

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For prerolls drenching works best
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Check the spray distillate on flower tread now also able to do solvent free BUT not with thc-p since it s fragile at 70C or up


There is a midway
Spray distillate in a ss bucket with mixer
of ln2 this will make an instant powder of the mist of cannabinoids then decant and voila quick powdered thc distillate


I just read through the entire spray distillate on flower thread and it seems that the 2 main proposed methods are: 1) freeze, sprinkle and mix the distillate with the flower and 2) tumble, heat and spray distillate but there doesn’t seem to be a general consensus or any talk on overall scale

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There are several aims and players in this game
What does the biomass looks like and what is the consumer expecting to buy
The fraudster wants the greatest looking flower impregnated with minimal change
To sell for as if real thc
The sales man wants a product he can sell with the highest margin mediocre flower visibly sprayed and knowing so
The idiot stuck with biomass often worse than mediocre yet hopefully that by spraying the flower it sells

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