Anybody know anything about UHV systems?

Curious if anybody tell me what I’m looking at?

I see 4 getter pumps and two vacuum valves but I’m not sure what the rest of this could be.


I have no idea what this is but that does not stop me from wanting one.




Do you know who made the uhv system/chamber? Most of them vac out gas similar to a diffusion pump. You might be able to find a drawing online…

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There is no identification marks on the vacuum chamber beyond what the sheet metal company scribed on the individual pieces of shielding.

Looks this this system was pieced together by a competent person, it doesn’t appear to be a standard model.

The getters are varian vacion’s but I haven’t been able to find much information on the chamber.

Looks like the dials adjust the height of the internal components. Maybe what’s sitting at the top is some kind of electron gun. That’s my best guess lol.

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@SidViscous ? Any idea?


I would try here


Not a clue. Looks a little like a getter but are there any electrical connections? Maybe an adsorption pump?

Thats a linear motion feedthrough? You can move the bellows up and down ?

Yeah there’s some high voltage connections that I took off and set aside. There’s two controllers for the getters and they’ve both got a ground wire that attached to the metal shielding around the bottom of the chamber.

Yeah its a sputtering gun, for certain.

Its for thin layer deposition, 99% certain.

You blast atoms of a pure metal off a substrate as it is enrobed in an argon cloud, its like a plasma chamber thin film depositor. I was gonna build one of these for shits n gigs.

It can’t be a sputtering gun because there’s nowhere to put substrate to sputter.

That’s why I was thinking it was some kind of electron gun or something. It’s an MDC part so I’m just gonna give them a call about it, but I’m still unsure what the bottom portion of this chamber is for.

There is probably some sort of insert ?its a purpose built system thats for sure. Designed to make one particular thing

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Yep, like most things like this.

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Where did you get it?

Come out of one of UC Merced’s physics labs.

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I’d say that whatever is being height adjusted would be the point of activity of whatever this is.

For example you can create precision sized individual apertures by electroporation. The size of the electrode, distance from substrate, voltage and vacuum would be parameters.

Research institutes always have machine shops on campus to purpose build equipment and it’s very common to repurpose housings like this for any of a variety of uses. Good luck. You could just ask one of the faculty.


Yea, I sent out an email and im just waiting on a response.

Is that probe maybe a frequency horn and this could be used to find bond lengths through determining natural harmonics in a gas chamber? Vacate chamber with vacuum, fill with another gas, send vibrations through Gas, find natural frequency nodes and do some voodoo math type deal?

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Sorta looks like a fancy probe housing :man_shrugging:


Or capacitive sensor … shit against the wall