Any thoughts on Jeeter and Baby Jeeter flavored prerolls?

Distillate and kief are used but it smells/tastes so fruity. I doubt the fruitiness is all coming from the strain.
Are they putting flavoring like the nicotine vapes? Is this safe? Just curious what the industry thinks of their products.


I heard they spray the flower with terpenes or something like that. Atleast the replicas.


They def spray some flavoring onto something, it could be the kief they add around, so that u can smell it more when u open the package

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Yes most likely heavy terps in the disty used to adhere kief to outside of pre roll.

Sounds like talk to me, shit makes me laugh all the time, the grows are growing for more and more fruity/candy flavors because that’s what people want, then when I make concentrated products from said fruity candy strain and it tastes fruity or sweet I "added"something to it :roll_eyes:
@MassTerpenes can verify that the cannabis plant produces all sorts of cool stuff


Have u had one? The strawberry one i had smelled like straight candy strawberry with a packaging date like 6 months prior, def tasted fake


I’ve made esters from terps that smell identical to strawberries from cannabis even months later
Also not saying they aren’t just saying this is about to hit the industry like a bus, there are MANY more things in cannabis then just the terps


The jeeters have botanical terpenes in them for sure, they reek of them. I think they even put a drop of them in the tube before the preroll goes in there as the tube smells even after removal. Furthermore I am almost certain they use a gum Arabic adhesive to adhere the kief to the preroll, much like what you lick to seal a joint but like, a shit load more :joy:


Welcome to the future @Flyt_A!

Lots more things than just terps


Dosing the packaging with terps is genius

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Jesus that’s disgusting :nauseated_face::face_vomiting: @kcalabs is working on testing to differentiate between converted and non pretty sure MassTerpenes is doing the same for terps flavonols/noids and sulfer compounds to be able to identify truly cannabis derived molecules


Jeeters is the number 1 pre roll company in Cali and soon the greater us. I can’t stand their product. But I’ve seen first hand it turn non cannabis smokers into full blown smokers. My sister n law never smoked and now she smokes a pack of mini jeeters a week. It’s def low grade bud witb liquid live and botanicals mixed in


How does that relate to a brand that literally says they flavor it, i was a purchasing manager when they released their joints. Sales rep have told me they have a flavored and non flavored line. BUt good flex

Also care to ellabortate how you produced esters out of terpenes? I understand extracting esters but to produce them from terpenes seems abstract.


He probably means he got the Esthers out of a HTE extract that contained terpenes and more. But I’m guessing at his wizardry.

Beyond Terpenes™️ Dibbs on this


If thats the case than shit send the analytics thru if u got it would be nice to see the esters at hand that caused the strawberry aroma, also were do you test that tests for esters? @TheWillBilly would love to send some distilled/cold trapped “essences” and see whats in there besides terpenes.


@TheWillBilly Do you mind sharing the testing lab that tests for esters? I asked a question i appreciate the like but would like some analysis done :). Find a lab that tests beyond terpenes.

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I think you’re misinterpreting what he is saying but yes there actually are esters derived from terpenes. All you basically need is an acid and a hydroxyl group. Fenchol, also known as fenchyl alcohol, is a monoterpene alcohol in all cannabis and is one of the most common in the plant. Fenchyl acetate is the acetate ester of fenchol and is fairly common, albeit in much lower concentrations than fenchyl alcohol. Same goes for Bornyl acetate, isobornyl isovalerate, cedryl acetate… I could go on all day.

Your next post presses about what types of esters make some cannabis smell like strawberries. A lot of fruity strains will contain significant amounts of hexyl acetate and cis-3-hexenyl acetate, to name a couple easy ones. These range from apple to pear aromas on their own but alongside some ethyl esters for sweetness and (Z)-3-Hexenol (aliphatic alcohol, not an ester) and you have a cannabis-derived strawberry flavor that is not far off from what goes into artificial strawberry flavorings used in candies and beverages, as well as what occurs in actual strawberries. I could cite thousands of these non-terpene volatiles I’ve seen extracted in cannabis terpene fraction samples but that type of information does not come free.


No i think we went over that part already, If him liking standardoils post is not him saying thats how he derived it than i think someone needs to be more clear and type it out. Isolating esters from HTE is not the same that you mentioned INcorrectly i may add. While it does require a Carboxylic acid(what esters are) the hydroxyl (OH) “group” must be replaced by a lkoxy (O-R) “group” for so to occur. All you basically need is a organic acid and ikoxy group actually. You will never have an ester with a hydroxyl group as the replacement of so is what makes an ester!

Not to mention the process your speaking of is more so a synthetization that requires a reaction of a carboxylic acid and an alcohol.

Esters/their production is no secret i have posted and ranted on about as they have way more than a few decades of experience mfg everything on their site and is no small time producer they have literally over 1,000 different esters/alcohols/terpenes/monos and they describe what each tastes like where/how its derived from just under the name of the product… i can go on for ages as well but ill digress and just iterate this. They post everything youve stated and give out the information you claim doesnt come free for free. Im sure most your information came from perfumers/distilliers like this cause guess what the information your sharing isnt new. Do you know how many products are flavored/scented besides cannabis and how many have been doing so for almost a century now?

All i wanted was his testing lab so i can test for ethers, glad we deviated.


It’s proper that your name is fyourmisinformation! Because I promise that’s basically what you’re going to get!