Any SOP on terpene extraction ?


Placea few piazo ultrasound speakers
On the pressure cookers see If that makes a diffrence
:grinning:Have a fetish for ultrasound


Hey man, thanks for the info. What pressures do you set your extraction and separator columns to?


As always, thanks very much for the information.

I run an ExtraktLABs unit and it doesn’t use orifices. Is that something that Apeks uses as part of their “valve-less expansion technology” (I follow you on IG so I know you run an Apeks lol). Do you have a BPR for your separators, or does the orifice size control the pressure in the separator? I’ve never run an Apeks, so I apologize if that’s a stupid question.

You indicated 1100 psi and 93 F (34 C) as conditions in your extraction column. According the CO2 density calculator I use (, those conditions produce a CO2 density of ~0.31 g/mL (pretty much exactly the CO2 density someone else here indicated is ideal for terpene extraction). CO2 would exist as a supercritical fluid under these conditions - is that what you meant when you said you extract with CO2 gas, not CO2 liquid?

Does this method extract and capture both mono- and sesquiterpenes? I’ve read elsewhere that you need a cold trap (sub-zero temperatures) in order to capture the monoterpenes. Or is the general principle to utilize the cooling caused by CO2 expansion (pressure drop) in order to condense the terpenes?

After the terp run, do you simply increase pressure and temp to extract cannabinoids?

Thanks so much in advance!


It works but only for really light terpenes.

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If you dont mind orange Terps, try taking your strain specific bit of fully purged bho, rosin, kief, hash,bud?and dissolving in true terpene’s version of that strain. Let’s say blue dream with blue dream.

I just tried a batch in a seperatory funnel with a heat gun. The terpenes are expensive to buy but stretch a long way. After “extraction” drain the funnel and use the oil for crude purposes

Do you want it to be clear or do you want it to taste like the real deal holyfield?


I’m sorry but I don’t write the SOP’s down. If I had employees I would probably do this… one if the things self employeed don’t often do enough of.

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Anyone interested in doing contract terpene extraction? I am interested in trying out terpene extraction on hopplant product. Before committing to buying my own set up. Anyone worked at this before?



I know a couple guys that made rosin oil with hops, I guess the idea is to have that “fresh” hop taste in beer out of season.

I’m quite sure any type of extraction you do will work. Quality is certainly in question though.


@Cryo13 no I’m sorry no terpene SOP


Will write this up further but anything with steam and CO2 have always been off from my experience.

For this process, We started with the product that already contains an abundance of the volatile compounds that correlate to the entourage effect, High Terpene Extract. The separated terpene layer from gas extracts also have much less THCA then normal cannabis extracts.

If you distill HTE under high vacuum, you’ll end up with a clear terpene product that can be up to 99.8% terpenes. Short paths do not work well for this process due to vapor path, condensor surface area/design, and collection issues. Due to the volatility of these compounds, distillation is started close to 0C with a condenser below -30. Collection flask is under dry ice. Distillation progression is tracked by breaking vac and smelling product.

My findings is the main mechanism that allows this separation is the previous removal of THCA from the extract. THCA is constantly decarbing, dissolving CO2 into extract like a soda. Even at the low temperatures of this distillation, it raises the vapor pressure and causes changes to the profile.

Have tested this with a range of profiles and all have captured the true taste and smell of the plant. Yield is horrible but could be atleast marginally improved.

Check out the end product on my Instagram @dabatronicus

Clear Cannabis Derived Terpenes

@weedaholic Ive been seeing a few more people getting the super pure, water like cannabis derived terps. From my understanding watching lee_brown94 insta as he has been working with head of honey, I think you are right as im pretty sure he is just removing the terp layer from his crystalllization and then he does a cold distillation starting at 0C with a special type of condenser or something going on. Anyone want to chime in and fill in some of the blanks for me. I think this product looks great.

Clear Cannabis Derived Terpenes

@Griffin.Labs It likely also incorporates an inert gas sweep to prevent any oxidations. I haven’t tried it myself, but for years have been thinking that an inert gas sweep under some reduced pressure would do the trick. Maybe I’ll convince a friend to do it this week… I would set it up similar to a steam distillation system or a counter-current gas stripping column.

I wouldn’t “break vac” to monitor progress myself. @Dabatronicus Why do you suggest this method of monitoring the distllation? How wide of a range of boiling points do you typically see?


Your not distilling cannabinoids and at the low temps, the profile isn’t affected when breaking vac.

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I worked with Leebrown on this. Check who he tagged in his first clear sauce post


That is sick, thanks so much for the info/post, the stuff looks amazing!


I have gotten nothing but water clear terpenes from steam extraction under vac, what does non water clear look like slight yellow or brown?
Ive only had one batch distill over that didnt smell good and that was from old nugs that i didnt expect to smell good. I think 20-30 min is fine for half a pound, if ur going to try a small batch, cuz that always worked fine for me.


No SOP‘s sorry


You’re going to pull more than terps, even with cold EtOH. Right?


Well you probably Will but as far as chlorofyl or cannabinoids i don t think iT Will be a lot of Any terps are more volitile so are Some fats and waxes
Give iT a shot and report back :grinning:


We extract Terpene’s using our CO2 machine