Any SOP on terpene extraction ?


Well assuming all hydrosal has been removed simply burp and let breath once a day for 30 minutes or so like you would a sweet jar of freshly dried Durbin. Do this over a few weeks and you will have a olfactory response identical too the flower itself. Yes at the same temp and humidity level you would when curing your last crop of fire…


?!? Yeah, I’m asking your opinion.

Because I think you have a unique vantage point. At least one I haven’t viewed the landscape from.

Why is that a problem?

I assume you’re not running clinical trials with those terp sauce & flower concoctions. Hence “anecdotal”.

I’m in no way trying to apply that to anything else you’ve posted here.

Hence the quote.

Set that thing on fire and pass it already :slight_smile:


Well I’m sorry I’m not real tech savvy… I think I’m understanding what your saying. All I can say is I have nothing to prove one way or another anything I’ve said? I used to post on Instagram. But since I’m changing professions I’ve deleted all those posts cause they really get me nothing. Also I have had lots of tests over the years on cannabis and cannabis products. I’ve owned a dispensary, I’ve been a commercial grower, I’ve done all the lab stuff. So it’s all just opinion based in fact. I call that anecdotal… in any event! I lit it with a acetylene/oxy torch and I’m passing the doobie on the right hand side!

Love you all… good luck in this newly forming industry…



We’ve got a Milestone on the way. Does anybody have experience with it?


Lucky duck!


I have one as well.


Any feedback on the milestone? Does it work? Volume/hr? Thank you!


What’s the price tag on one of those Milestone systems btw? I read up on this technology several months ago but only in the context of research. It’s nice to see something in production.


not sure if Imissed this in the threrad but…

I thought the stank was phytols from the breakdown of the chlorphyll. Given time the ass smell comes off.

Another option is a small scale vacuum dist apparatus for separation of the goods from the garbage.

I considered a light sodium bicarb wash but was afrtaid of isomerization and maybe complete destruction of the terpenes.


We have a nearly brand new Milestone Ethos… holds 2lb per run. We are going to post it on here for sale. Paid $38k and change, we want to sell it for $30k… used 6 times.


May I ask your reason for deciding to sell after 6 uses?


Of course. We have been refining terpenes for 4-5 years and were trying to add to our processing ability but haven’t had the time to dial in the system. And We’ve got a few friends that own them that create great terpenes and say they’re able to finish a full run in 10-15 min tops with full profile. But Rather than spend time on dialing in the system I’d rather free up the cash as we have a lot going on at the moment. Thanks


Any thoughts you’d like to share about your experience with the system so far?


Hey, what other machines have you been using for the past 4-5 years of term refinement? 6 times use and dumping it makes me think it may not be best investment?


-Fast. The vessel maxes out around 3-4# of material and finishes in just over an hour.
-Efficient. Yields seem to be close to double that of normal steam distillation.
-Terp quality seems to be rather high end.
-Low water use. The system recirculates water from collection back to the vessel.

-Expensive. The 12L system is about $40k
-The terps have to be aerated a bit to get rid of that ‘steamed’ plant smell.
-Requires more water than I was led to believe from white papers.


Great, thank you. From all the materials, and speaking with the rep I didn’t get any indication that any water had to be added to the system. That’s good to know.


Yeah, that was a big surprise for us. Fresh frozen doesn’t really need extra water but everything else does.


I have come pretty close


Any one ever tried cold ethanol Steam distilling
So put etho in a still place a grid over the etho place biomass on the grid
Close still and pull a vacuum on
Let still run untill all etho has evaporated
Evaporate off all etho and see what You have caught of terps ?


My stille aren t acsesible for biomass but might build one out of 2 pressure cookers😀