Any SOP on terpene extraction ?


200 grams of biomass in 5 hours. About 30 % of the fraction is hydrosol. It can be removed with a separation funnel. The selectivity in my process allows me to fraction only terpenes. Leaving behind cannabinoids. My terpenes contains no thc.


Sorry, bit confused, so far as I understand biomass = plant matter. I’m sure you meant 4500g of plant matter extracted.

This makes me inclined to think if it takes 5 hours to get terps off of 10 lbs. then your full run times must be crazy. Something like… 15-20 hours per run?


No. 4540 gram input weight. 5 hour run time for terps. 17-20 hour run time for cannabinoids.


ok, now I’m confused.

seems pretty much in line with

so what is the “No” about?!?


I think because that totals his runs at 22-25 hours for a full extraction. 5 + 17-20 = 22-25.

Assuming I’m not still confused, haha.


Do you have a procedure for using dry steam to distill terpenes?

I’ve also heard from an industry veteran that terpene contact with water can cause the barn yard smell. I’ve experienced that when playing around with one of those cheap $300 Amazon/eBay terp stills.

I’m guessing a vacuum is involved, but what else?


For us, we got the barnyard smell when we over-steamed. If we kept run time under 1.5hrs the result was clear and clean smelling. If we ran 2hrs, or if we ran a more aggressive volume of steam is when we’d get yellowing and a funky smell.


From what Elliot said at Summit, it shouldn’t take but 10-15 minutes to steam distill terpenes off of biomass. I’m not sure as I’ve never done the method he advised on but I am interested in it.


Well that’s an interesting disconnect :wink:

maybe he’s using a high flow head?


Yes, you’re correct my terpene runs are only 5 hours long. (a quarter of the amount of time of cannabinoid runs.) yes, my cannabinoid run time ranges from 17-25 hours depending on age of material and input weight over 4500 grams. i can cram 5500 if i’m lucky and the ground plant material is resinous. i have a 2015 Apeks, equipped with a CO2 gas pump booster system. it’s very slow as far as efficiencies go. but i love my baby and she works just fine! Lol.


No steam distillation SOP available. Sorry.


Just like most other essential oil distillations, we’d get about 75% of the extraction out in the first 30min. After that, run-time is a balancing act of maximizing return and quality of the product.


His glass holds much less than what people on here are doing


I believe most methods using water and and not using water the preliminary end result, they all smell slightly barn yard-ish. However once you burp and cure your terps just as you do your fresh flower for about 3-4 weeks, all turns out nice and clear. Now if their yellow or brown from the beginning… you probably will never get them to smell right. Also curing and burping should happen after you have removed all water from the oil. Several low brow methods exist for this. One of these ghetto techniques is simply put the oil and whatever hydrosal (or however you spell it)that couldn’t be fully removed with Pipette in a vial or small bottle and freeze it. The terps stay liquid the water freezes and viola, you can filter off any ice that pours out with oil.

As far as procedure for “dry steam” I mean essentially have a bump trap above boiling flask and another small extension connected too that all before your biomass globe. This is all so your biomass never encounters actual water that comes thru the top of boiling flask. Your trying too keep any real water from hitting the biomass. Just real hot and fresh steam. Also once your steam starts carrying over the still head. All your quality terps I feel are over and sitting in the separator within 20-30 minutes… any long 1.5 hour runs and I’m thinking your getting less quality for ever minutes over 1/2 hr. Also I try never too use dry product only fresh or fresh/frozen. Almost every time I try dry flower it has come out tinted In color. If you have the luxury of snipping a plant at its base and putting everything you can fit into the biomass globe (I have a 10 gal. Fermenter I pump steam thru so I can fit whole plants) do it this way. Terps off a fresh plant done fast and proper steam distillation wise and you have a very crystal clear in color and smell result. Hope this helps?


I find that after you have steamed the fresh flower or dry, stick it in a spinner and ring out all moisture you can. Then stick it in a regular over at 250f until most of the residual moisture is gone then turn it down too 200f and finish till dry. This takes around 4 hours depending on how much your putting in oven. Also you have a time advantage here cause your decarbing. You will need too decarb anyway if your going too distill end product.


Thank you!! @Lozo


No problem I try too help anywhere I can as long as the comments stay positive and constructive I’m all in! Once it turns too a cat fight (like so often it does) I’m out! Lol Kinda like the “insert silly name here” talks about how all of this is nonsense and too just smoke flower. Lol I do understand this comment because I do enjoy flower over concentrated however it’s comments like this that are a total turn off! Now if you take your HTSFE and grind up your flower then mix together… this is my go to now a Days cause nothing beats this!


That would seem to put you in a unique position as far as observing the “entourage effect”.

Given the current lack of clinical data, do you have any anecdotal data that lends support? Or not?!?


Oh I’m sorry I guess everything here that I comment on is strictly opinion based. Now saying that this opinion comes from 35 years of growing, extracting, reducing, condensing, isomirising, acetating, distilling, smoking, vaping and playing with cannabis. At 52 years old I’m ready too move on from cannabis. It was good too me for so many years… but today’s mentality of price over quality has forced me too actualise my other lifetime goals. The days of making my goals around yield in kilo’s, test results and happy customers are waning to; can I hit that next bump and keep my skis on the ground or, can I find a place too watch the aurora borealis is at night without freezing my balls of. Or even, “damn baby your cute and sexy… want to go back to my place”? Oh wait that last one was the goal from a few years ago! Lol


How do you cure them? Do you keep them at the same temps and humidity you’d keep your flower?

Thanks for sharing this.