Any Old School hash masters out there?

Np. I bet a lot of small processors would jump on it if you made a cheaper version of the resinator. that thing is badass but way overpriced


That was exactly what I was planning. Building a couple of different sizes, using different types of plastic bins. Small, medium, and large… I’ve been building it in my head for about 6 months now, but I’ at the point of either building one or stop thinking about it.


Story of my life.

I seem to always have projects In my head that are out of my budget…Lol


I live off of SSDI, so everything is out of my budget! Just have to make some sacrifices somewhere…
I guess I can eat every other day in order to purchase some supplies


Do itttttt. The struggle is real bro i feel you

@Hansel same, it’s a never ending cycle. when i finish one 3 more take it’s place


Hi guys, on the advice of Roguelab, here is the new machine from my workshop, I present to you the RS600 industrial dry sieve shaker with nitrogen / liquid co2 option! do not hesitate to write to me for information or to see my other machines :smiley:


I am interested in the processing options this would offer.

holy fuck thats awesome how many lbs per run?

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For large scale run, I believe that vibratory sieves (with ultrasonic debinding) are in fact much superior to tumblers. The frozen material only needs to stay few seconds on the sieve. And such device can be used in a continuous flow throug manner.


50kg per run


Yes but requires an additional freeze-mill

Yes, indeed, needs initial freezing, then milling (idealy “jaw-breakin” down to a few mm), and then conveying to the sieve. Well organized, this can significantly improves both yield and quality, and decrease freezing fluid condumption.

What is the troughpout/yield if the machine above ?
And how much liquid N2 regarding material is used ?

so you can flash freeze bud then just dump it on the ultrasonic sieve? i was thinking i would have to kief it first then dump kief on the sieve

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Needs size reduction first.
And can be proceeded to in a stepwise manner.
First rough, then polishing… :wink:

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got you :+1:

seems like i could double my bho processing speed by kiefing half a batch of trim i get then combining that kief with the other half of the batch


the rs600 can be used as a precision sieve or as a biomass reduction machine, the nets are interchangeable as desired


Got a pic of the inside? Nice looking machine

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Yes I highly recomend this high resinous mix for scaling bho on the same rig
Make sure you increase your solvent amount as well


Not sure @MasterG. Has told you european farmers that he makes and sell these units
And even might consider renting these units
And that he is a master let me refrase that
GRAND master in hasj making
@MasterG show us some Bentley hash :grin:


yea definitely more solvent and more crc