Any okc people on here?

Hoping to start a lab in okc. I have access to a processing permit and good material. Not sure what the laws are like but it seems like they are still in the grey area so it would be a good opportunity. Also looking for employees if it were to work out.


Been hearing good things about OK. Minus tornados

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Oklahoma is super interesting. While its technically medical it seems more like de facto legalization. The regulations seem to be some of the most lax for starting a biz. Lots of competition out there. Leaflink says top 3 product types are: vapes, concentrates and edibles. Perform a cursory search on a couple of OK dispensaries and indeed, OK is a ThC market where people want to get STONED and pay least amount of $ per mg THC.

Median price for 1 gram distillate cart with botanical terpes ~40 dollars per unit

I am doing some data collection and analysis this week but what I have discovered in my prelimary search is that there are 5508 licensed grows!!!

Aprx. 1513 licensed processors!!!

In oklahoma?!? What a time to be around :laughing:

Need any help getting started?


Do u know of any company’s? Thx that was a lot of good information

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Its all published on an oklahoma website ( they will show you every licensed dispensary, processor, cultivation etc

I can help you make sense of the data and even make a little app to help you sort through it

My rates are fair


Dm me

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I’ve been setting up a lab with someone in OKC. Should be opening in next month or two.


Here :wink: Have a freebie!

When the licensee had some public info available such as website, IG handle, or phone number, it has been cross referenced into this list.

Don’t be a spammy dick with it :slight_smile:


If you’ve got good material, DM me. I’m involved with a lab around okc


I’m in Oklahoma.

90% D9 Liters are going for 7-8.5k
Carts are selling for $20-50 to the customer depending where you are in the the state.
A lot of 5g for 100 deals on shatter, carts, budder etc.


Cant find any labs on ig under these names. Anyone know who’s killing it out there w the bho?

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Solos extraction company
White moose
Head of honey


Heyo, also in OKC.

Noble Nectar

I’m the lead in an oklahoma Lab, BHO mainly.

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Looking to wholesale purchase with brand credit on packaging, vape ready live resin/sauces/etc in OK. PM me!

20k sq ft facility w6k sqft c1d1…can do 400# BHO in a 10 hr day…OK rocks


Nice to see OK people here. I just got my ETS machine here up.


I’m originally from OK, I am waiting until the market chills and am just going to buy one of the 1000 labs that will be selling all their stuff in the next 1-2 years as I bet at least half of the operational labs will go under within a 18 months.