Any "natural" binder to make Pollen Hashish stick better together?

Not sure if this is the right place, basically im pressing hash with kief but it doesn’t bind really good.
I can get a perfect hash bar but when i start to break it up it crumbles really easy and goes back to kief “form”.
So basically im here to ask if anyone know any natural binder that is okay to smoke? Im pressing with a 8ton jack press.

Please don’t mix stuff into things people are going to smoke.

Use some heat, it will bind together.


Im going to smoke it myself, thats why im asking if there is anything natural thats okay to smoke.
Ive tried with heat and the hash bar holds good shape but it just crumbles back into kief when trying to roll a joint…

Kiff must be first purified.
Then, an extrusion set up, finely tuned, would produce the adequate “paste”.

This is a work still to be developped.


What this dude said. A high LPI screen might help a little.

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What @Dr_Jebril said, screen it… then
HEAT, it is also natural and gluten free/ free range


Don’t heat the kief directly. Warm up the metal die you are using to press it.


I used to heat up and press into blocks.

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get the biology right…I don’t care what the shit was called during prohibition, there is no pollen in there, you are not making Pollen Hash.

what you should have is trichome heads.

best guess is you also have other plant material in there as well, and need to do some clean up.

how did you collect your kief?

edit: I’d bet money that our favorite cannabinoid based jar sealant would work as a binder. see: Spray distillate (make hash hash :wink: )


230 mesh silk screen + paint roller + parchment, static tek is gonna be your friend


If you really want to use some kind of “binder”, use distillate. Add at 3-5% and run through a meat grinder a couple times. Press. Break off chucks, roll in hands until round. Sell as Nepali temple balls. This worked great back in the 90’s🤪


190um bubble bag and dry ice shaken over a 6ft table works really well too you can mold into balls almost instantly

I’ve done that but I always have too much green in the end material. If you want melt it has to be screened out

This is the trick or you can kneed it then press it gently by hand.


Green in the end material? Do you grade your outcome?

You stop as soon as the blondes and yellows stop being banged out. That’s grade 1. The next color hue to be baged put is yellow/green that’s grade 2 and the darkest is Grade 3 usually that’s the stuff left in the bubble bag.

Then if you really feel like going the extra mile you can take the spent biomass in the bubble bag and extract with etoh.

1 Like mini tumbler
3 Screen Sift kit
Separate the booboo and it’ll stick like a champ.

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Press it into rosin.

Kief hash sucks, fancy electrostatically separated dry sift heads (cubantech) are cool but the juice isn’t work the squeeze.

Rosin is your best friend when it comes to kief.

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As a smoker, i disagree.
In fact I even preffer freshly and gently pressed kief.

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You’ll never be able to show me standard kief (not cubantech) that holds a candle to the rosin you can make from the same kief.

But there is no accounting for taste so I respect your personal preference

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Do you vape or smoke it ?