Any innovative solutions to packing material socks?

Currently doing a project where we’re going to be packing a lot of socks. I was wondering if anyone here has made this process a bit easier any way outside of having a few people manually pack all day.

So far the only idea we’ve come up with is making a custom hopper that vibrates where milled material goes in and use gravity to drop the material into each sock that we put underneath.

Open to any and all suggestions

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Attaching it to the end of one of those lead mulcher vacuums. It’s a little messy but works :man_shrugging:


This is a vacuum conveyor. Basically uses an air driven vac pump (Venturi type) to convey material up into the conical hopper.

There is a butterfly valve (also air actuated) at the bottom of the cone that opens when it reaches the desired level.

So my clever solution would be a cone suspended on a rack with a butterfly valve on the bottom. Fill up the cone w the valve closed and then open the valve when the cone is over the bag. Pack the bag. Rinse, repeat.


I’d use a standard bag powder filler - you can get them to fill either via gravity or vacuum/nitrogen push.

Here’s a gravity fed one on Amazon.

I couldn’t find any blown-in powder fillers in the US. Looks like Bosch still makes one, but its stupid expensive for filling socks. Any of the standard powder fillers should work, you set the weight and then someone taps their foot and it fills the sock under the shoot. I’d still do check weights - and you’ll still have to clean it, I expect keeping it cold would be important to reduce sticking even with non-stick surfaces on the inside.

Good luck with your sock filling project. :smiley:


try a sock from bizzy. they have a flange that allows it to be tied around the column tri clamp flange and took serious time of my technicians sock fill times.


I dont use socks but i do have an idea.
Measure the inside diameter of the blasting spool. Dont just assume its 4" or 6" , get the measurement, use a vernier.
Measure the thickness of the sock, subtract 2x the sock thickness from the internal diameter of the spool +2-3mm. this is the measurement.
Contact a plastic pipe supplier give him your measurement x the length of your spool + 150mm.

What you should end up with it a plastic tube you can pull the sock over and insert into the spool.
Put the socked tube in the spool, fill the tube, when complete, pull the tube out, leaving the sock, tie the sock, cap the spool and refrigerate.

If you want to use a funnel on the end of the tube to aid filling, the same place that supplied the plastic tube should also supply plastic guttering, there will be a funnel fitting somewhere you can use.

( I just woke up so i will have a read over his in an hour or so to check it makes sense lol )


Been thinking alot about this recently. I would like to see a 3d printed head for a controllable psi vertical pneumatic press. I’m sure finding the exact psi per type of material, how many times the press would need to condense the material and be reloaded ( via stainless gravity fed hopper (( maybe vibrated))) before optimal 32 inch sock weight of 2500g, and what kind of holder to use for the sock/ sock holder would be the fun parts! Outcome would be a fairly easily created machine that has use for thousands of people… and would unfortunately put some sock packers out of the job…

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Heres a very simple process that could be implemented to work with just about any sized bag if you are handy with fabrication or know someone.


6 inch wide pvc pipe from home depot same length as your sock pack it tight with a 4 inch stainless packing tool.

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:thinking: Was told they compact, but don’t fill.

No, they definitely fill.

8" sock clamps on the end.


and for the majority of us who do not have 8 inch columns?

It could totally be reverse engineered to a 6" sock. It’s basically an air driven ram, poly plate, and ptfe coated steel pipe with a hopper.

Someone should build one. Maybe @LunaTechnologies could downsize theirs and offer it in a 6" version.

How about it @LunaTechnologies ??

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Hey Everybody!

We made the Luna Biomass Packer to be sold in tandem with our Luna IO Extractor, which has an 8" Reactor Column. As much as I would love to hook y’all up with everything possible, I do not see a Luna 4"-6" biomass packer in the near future.

Sorry to disappoint, but we appreciate that you think of us when you think of the mother of all puckers.


Here is a spec sheet for our Biomass Packer:

Luna Tech Biomass Packer.pdf (2.5 MB)

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I feel like this is a typo… but oddly, it fits.


Hey how much is your biomass packer??

Do you guys sell it separately from the system?

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We do sell it separately from the Luna IO. DM for price.

Oh hi guys, did anyone ever modify these for 6” or come up with a better solution?

Also, I’m looking to see if anyone ever bought one of these and how it holds up to regular use.

Finding someone who is consistently willing to do this job is a nightmare


Has started offering custom size biomass packers if you need a 6" packer i would reach out!!

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