Alumicel A, N, B High Purity Chromatography Grade Activated Alumina

@molecular.extracts used their secret blend of media to produce this absolutely BEAUTIFUL product :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

One of them was Alumicel A :wink:; High Purity Chromatography Grade Acidic Activated Alumina
–>Contributes to Stability/Crystallization

Also comes in Neutral & Basic pH variations.

Found at:

Have YOU used Alumicel before? Comment below with experiences, images, and/or questions!


I toured three Oregon labs yesterday. 2/3 are using Alumicel to dramatically speed up crashing. The last one is getting on the bus next week with some samples from Carbon Chemistry


Welcome to the future @ChemChix!


@molecular.extracts showing the BEAUTY through their sight glass!
Ran with Alumicel A :heart_eyes: :wink:

Who DOESN’T LOVE before & after shots?

Checkout @wzcabo75 & how much clearer this CBG extract got with Alumicel A !!

What CAN’T it do at this point? Chromatography :white_check_mark:, Color Removal :white_check_mark:,
Reduced Crystallization Times :white_check_mark:, PH Swings for Pesticide Remediation :white_check_mark:

Don’t worry, I’ll wait. :sunglasses:

As always, find it using the above links in the post!

Comment below if you’ve used Alumicel A, B, or N before! Let’s brainstorm!

Can you give dosage information? I’m not hearing much about this product so far, but I’m curious, since most of the existing products on the market are bentonite clays, not alumina!

@Shadownaught can you give any insight on these products as well? I’m not seeing as much discussion about these products as they might deserve (haven’t tried yet)

Can you send me some samples?

I have some specific SOPs that i would like to test out using your media.

Ill publish the results

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Yeah same, samples?


I’m a little wary on… “Speeds up crystallization”…

Is it cuz there’s more nucleation sites because of poor particle management?

Little sus… What mechanism is at play here?


Are you asking for Carbon Chemistry samples?

Is that illegal now…

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Nope, not you might not be shopping the right person. I might be able to assist you.

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I would love that lets chat chat chat

Hello Ms. @Sidco_Cat , you have samples of this media?

Email me a compelling case for sending you media. Are you doing research? New customer? Willing to share your results?

Pitch me: Catherine.sidman@carbonchemistry.con


@ApisLabs gave me a sample of alumicel a to try. my understanding is the lower ph helps with crystallization. maybe there is other factors as well. i used it with a few different media’s. alumicel a with lustermax and @Killa12345 silica 60 has been giving me wonderful results i use it at a 1(lm):1(aa):1/2(s60) all mixed together. it seems like i’ll have micro crystals fall out of solution almost immediately and my crystal growth has been about a week still. start of crystal formation seems to be faster. thank for the sample again i plan on buying more


I experience faster crystallization with acidic bentonite clays, and I use a .22u cartridge as my last resort filtration.

I don’t think it’s fines that encourage the crystallization, if that’s what you mean. I’ve always understood it to be related to the media being acid activated… but I’m ignorant.


Alumicel is alumina designed for chromatography operations and pH adjusted before hand for tunable reactions/separations. It’s a great material for pH adjustment, anthocyanin adjustment, pesticide remediation prep, conversion/conversion prep, CRC operations, etc

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You can dig up the paper on your own, but cannabinoids crystallize faster/better in a mildly acidic environment. That said, alumicel both helps absorb contaminants, which also speeds up crystallization, but is also pH adjusted to a mild acidity or alkalinity.