Allergy mask

Any body got any good recommendations for someone who suffers from allergies , budget is not a issue . I developed really bad allergies from pollen just being around dried flower now makes me start to wheeze needing my inhaler . Shit is hardcore bad , going to start making bho again . Meaning I’ll be around trash bags full of it once again . If anyone got any advice or anything please let me know , any mask that work I don’t care if it’s a 1,000$ mask at this point . Quitting is not a option .

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weed should have no pollen. all masks are out of stock due to covid. Most sites arent even selling to consumers. Preorder a 99 percent paint mask or something.


3M !
lol cheap ! £20

or if you want the sexy version £35

Filters are also cheap £10

I hope this helps.

im anti mask but I see nothing but masks in the future. Notice your link says please call, yesterday when I tried ordering masks from multiple sources- they showed in stock but when you order it they tell you only for covid service providers. Thats funny because i was ordering the mask with a valve that is against protocol for service providers.

I am still using my original mask from early march- thts gross but they arent for sale I have a 99 percent mask for work but the straps are worn and now straps are hard to get due to homemade masks. I have used many other masks but the one with a valve is my preferred one, its stiff and sits off my face and has the valve so you dont hot box.

Secure a heppa filter to a gas mask if all else fails.

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i am also highly allergic to airborne cannabis plant matter. it has not always been like this, i attribute it to spending years and years grinding up flower for processing, and not using appropriate PPE all the time.
i spend my days in the facility now (250 flowering lights) wearing a mask anytime i am around drying/dried cannabis plants. i no longer have to use my inhalers at night. (dabbing heavy quantities while trimming/processing will flare up allergies i bet, something i spent years doing)
i use “disposable” N-95 masks (sanitized with H202 daily) that i purchased pre-covid. KN-95s are fine as well for disposable. we provide blue surgical masks for our employees that do an adequate job, and im trying to provide kn-95 as they are available from suppliers.

like @Demontrich says using HEPA filters is a fantastic way to scrub the air. we have one large HEPA and 4X 12" can fans with carbon filters in our trim/preroll room.


The thread below had an herbal remedy which @GandalfTheGreen uses that might be worth a shot as he mentioned he was able to move off his inhaler.


All of y’all should get a mold allergen test. It’s not always the cannabis that’s the culprit.

Purely anecdotal: I say this after seeing tons of trimmers who claimed to be allergic not show signs at our farm, and then shows signs (skin rashes, coughing / sneezing, eyes red (beyond just being stoned) again once they’ve gone to another farm or personal grow.

As for mask recommendations: 3M 6200/6300 with pink round disc filters ($25 investment).
If you break out all over / are extra sensitive: 3M full painters mask with disposable coveralls ($120 total).

Best of luck.


I have have the same problem and I work for a hemp company and i constantly find myself being short of breath in the evenings. My inhaler has saved my life many times but this mask right here is the truth. They are expensive but worth it!!! I do have 1 extra.


Chase Cordova

Allergic to cannabis pollen?!?

I highly doubt that.

You should be interacting with the female plants only…


It still has a profound effect from the terpenes in the air on many. Sometimes being in a growing room you even need breaks from the gas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Allergic to cannabis sure.

Just extremely unlikely that the issue is “pollen.”

Because female plants don’t make pollen.

Calling kief pollen is an affront to the biology.

Ignoring the biology is not a great place to start when dealing with allergies…


im allergic to mold. so whenever i smell any flowers that has pm on it i start sneezing. then i’d start having trouble breathing and would need my inhaler


I also had to strap up to enter the trim room. Gloves that I taped to my long sleeves, a dusk mask followed by the great mask youre sharing now. This will help.

Also I used flo-nase religiously. If I skipped a day or tried to cut corners on my PPE I really paid for it.

Really, it just taught me how to pack those tubes as efficiently as possible.

Good luck out the friend!


Also wanted to add that “The fragrance of most plants is due to a combination of terpenes. In nature, these terpenes protect the plants from animal grazing or infectious germs.”.

@moveweight is also bringing up that the terpenes can be in concentrations that are nearly overpowering to people not allergic, so if you are sensitive to it, tenfold. There’s going to be a certain percentage of people who, when interacting with the production and processing of cannabis, need to be extra careful: Long sleeves, hood, mask, safety glasses or goggles.

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“Female” plants do produce pollen these days, I just forget what I’m supposed to call them!

@Dabsandfornicating do you take your inhaler prior to contact?
Have you tried Benadryl prior?


Those are called hermies

Males produce pollen, as do hermaphrodite ls

Dude, I’ll go do that soon. Thanks very much. Literally the past 2 days I’ve felt run the fuck down from dry sifting i’ve determined. Like straight up hay fever type stuff. Time to give the ol` doc a call


Be careful, using that term. It might not be socially “excepted” now days.