All my stuff, solvents, equipment, tools for free, SoCal

I have until the first of the year to vacate the house I’m living in, and I can’t afford replacement housing on my $846 a month Social Security Disability check. I used up the nest egg my mom left me contributing to the cannabis extraction community, no complaints, gave some value to my life these six years since my mom passed.

So I need to give all my cannabis related stuff away immediately, I’m including my tools as my brother who has title to the house wouldn’t know what to do with them either. The other household items will be left in place for my brother and sister to fight over.

I want to give everything away to a single person, you’ll need to haul it away yourself, and you’ll need to pack it up yourself, bring plenty of boxes and packing materials. I’ll be glad to explain what everything is, and if you need to make multiple trips that’s ok.

I don’t want to give this stuff to someone who isn’t really interested in it, and putting it eventually to use, mature adults only.

The perfect match imo would be a botanist essential oil extractor with a chemistry and electronics background.

I just posted up over at ICMAG Forums with a list of the stuff and a lot of pictures,

I’ll post up when it goes out the door. TIA!!


I would love the books, bubbler, soldering iron and some other odds and ends.

But get you want to give it all to one.

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I’m sorry to see you coming on hard times friend I’ve read a lot of your posts here and on icmag. I wish you the best and hope you land on your feet I’m another world away over here in Maine but I’d like to see you remain in this industry

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If I wasn’t getting the harsh unexpected eviction, I’d dole the stuff out slowly. Doesn’t anyone find it weird the Fire Marshall isn’t at my door?? :grin: Or that with all the extraction action in LA and Orange County I’m not getting takers??? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’d agree…if I was out ur way…

I would take if was only way…


I’m more surprised we can’t find someone that said NO I’m not taking unless u say no way ever doing again…
and just house the stuff for u until you were back on your feet!

Man I hate seeing this! Thank you for all your contributions regardless!!!


I am a hemp farmer and extraction tech focused on spagyrics in CO. Ill be in LA at the end of the month. If you still would like to pass on the equipment then I would gladly take it off your hands! Hope you are well!

Is there nobody nearby that can scoop this stuff up for sky high and stored for him until he gets back on his feet?


Exactly damn

I’m sure for such said help that u could receive every secret HE HASN’T ALREADY GAVE…

Worth more than any equipment!


Please someone from LA, Orange, or San Diego County. I don’t want someone traveling long distance with those bottles of solvent. And don’t just expect to jam the stuff in your SUV or pickup truck, it needs to be packed up, and I’d like to explain to you what you’re getting, and what goes with what. You’re going to need packing boxes and a large roll of bubble pack at least.

I had my personal info removed at ICMAG Forums by a Moderator, let me try again here:

John Edward Schuyler
Sun City, CA
951-679-0977 (land line here at the house, I rarely use my smartphone, and don’t text) (best way to contact me other than private messaging me here at Future4200)

I’m at FaceBook, the page is fully open, you just need to be logged into your own account to view anything at my page.

Beatnik Party by John Schuyler (I was six years old when it was published - the story my Big Brother and I, I scanned the entire book and posted it up in a Photo Album at my FB page, my brother’s too ignorant to find it or my FB page… in the book he flips out and is institutionalized, and he turns out to be queer, lol.)
Direct link to the book,


I’ve tried to get any ideas out before I go, I never got around to doing side by side test extractions with the solvents to compare extraction power, and how much green and other undesirables they pull. The watch glasses were to compare side by side the evaporation rates, and to look for non-volatile residue in the solvents I picked up from places like Home Depot. I also never got around to testing the solvents in liquid/liquid extraction filtrations, and chromatography experiments.

I might be able to discover ways to improve process tech in a lab while making a few dollars working part time washing glassware, I’m old and sick, I’m not about to brag I’m up to anything more.


Hey, I’m 57, Instagram “cannabis pioneer”. I’ve a degree in electrical . Studying Hydrocarbon extraction and short path. I’ve a real passion. My lab is small, as I’m trying to find a cure or help for my 16 year old who has suffered chronic migraines since age 8. The botox, 50k neural stimulator has not worked. We must have it removed mb only cannibus helps. Please consider me for your lab donation. I’ll not let you down. Respectfully David


Sounds good, sorry to hear about your child’s migraine issues, my personal experience is cannabis concentrate alleviates them and keeps them from reoccurring.

Are you located in SoCal? If so, and you can pick up the stuff preferably this week, or no later than next week I’d be pleased to pass everything on to you.


I suffer from migraines.

Dr prescribed immitrex. I use cbd isolate along with a bit of distillate. It does work and help to lessen the migraines. But 30mins later, it comes back. Try some cbd isolate, no thc. It’s worth a shot.


Imitrex is a powerful drug that provides relief for many, when you’ve got a blanket pulled over your head and are praying to die, having a drug like imitrex that within forty minutes or so fully alleviates the symptoms is a miracle. I used Imitrex for over a decade while caring for my mom, but using cannabis after she passed alleviated the symptoms and has allowed me to discover the gunk clogging my head/sinuses that seems to be the cause.


Dont forget the HUGE disclaimer! Never take more than 200mg in 24hrs or you risk having a stroke!

Hmmmm, never had any side effects from cannabis in 27yrs I’ve been smoking


Truth is I am not in So.Cal, but No.Calif.

Are you ok with that? I can’t believe you are giving away so much wonderful equipment. I had and operated an Iso 3, at age 17 aka: (isomorizor) if I recall. That alone I’d give anything forThpAs far as those Books you have, I’d kill for. And having a contact with your experience is/would be priceless to us. Thoughts?


I can come with a truck and enclosed box trailer if needed. Tuesday works best for me, but I’m flexable. DM address and details. Thank you.


Ok, but don’t let me down. The solvents are going to take up space when packed up, the box trailer seems the way to go.

At least the stuff will be up in NorCal where there’s more interest if you need to pass it on.

Thanks, John


I spoke with Solarnos a few minutes ago, extremely nice guy, and is as good a match for the stuff as I could have possibly expected.

My sincere thanks to everyone for their kind words and offers.


You realise You are helping a Legend ?
A lot of us admire his efforts and work
Do what ever You can DM me Any time If i can be of Any help
For i wish him Well and so do Many others