Alibaba Quantum Board LED Grow Lights

Hey all,

Just wanted to pop in and start a thread about our lord and savior the Chinese quantum board.

Anyone running these in their microgrow? macro?

What’s your preferred manufacturer? Any experience with warranty?

I’ve been running a couple 300w LM301B lights from Kingbrite as testers, and dang, if they aren’t doing alright! I’m ordering 50+ units to test in the first floor of my indoor grow. I they do alright, I think I’ll fill out our facility with them.

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There is a pretty big Chinese quantum board thread on rollitup although I’m not sure how much actual information there is on it

You guys try light emitting plasmas? I got a bunch fkn love em

Ran them side by side against several HLG lamps. Literally zero difference except I saved a little over 100 dollars on each lamp

Noice. I’m seeing the same results on my side by side.

I’m having kingbrite send some boards and heat sinks, and I’m buying drivers stateside. Going to pull the trigger on the whole facility I think.

I’m getting some boards with 660nm red and UV supplementation I’m pumped for :sunglasses:

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Must see some pics when things get going!

Not trying to be a dick but this is a shill.

-terpnugent - Brand new account . First post is about the chinese quantum boards from kingbrite…

-2 random comments with real users just sparking discussion

-No traction for 11 days

-crowngruv - Brand new account. First post is 11 days later saying that they are just as good as HLG lights but he saves 100$ on each light!!!

Not trying to be a dick here. IMO you should hop into the classifieds section and basically just post that you have lights that are good for 100$ less than your competitor. Let the customers here compare the data. That or you could post in the main forums and ask people what their thoughts are. Transparency goes a LONG way here. I’ve legit seen companies with average products make a killing on here simply because they are honest and good to work with. I’ve also seen companies crash and burn because they tried being secretive or did something stupid for a fast dollar. People love honesty here.


Are there any good comparo threads on Icmag or rollitup?

i wanted to replace my dimlux 1200 watt HPS with a quantum board from Shenzhen Meijiu Lighting Co)

But in the end ali baba kept blokking my credit card, so never been able to order them. Came across various topics regarding this company including some on ICMAG that they produced good quantum boards.

Any1 can eleborate on that? Any1 using these lights?

I have accounts under the same username on other forums and IG.

You’re a shill stfu

I just ordered 25 v4 Quantum boards - basically HLG 550’s with UVB AND IR diodes - also a lm301H upgrade on the diodes. I’ll have them in 6 days and let ya’ll know what the deal is on them. I paid $345 with shipping. The HLG’s retail for $1050 and wholesale I couldn’t find them cheaper than $600 and that price was if I purchased 350 at a time.


Leds are tricky. I only used them for veg and flipped to flower. The low end ones i used were

I have two califorina 1100 commercial that I’m waiting to try out once i move. I’ve plugged them in to see how bright they were. It’s like going from a 1990s warehouse rave to the Lost lands fest.

When it comes to boards since leds are still new i would only use ones with a reputable name behind them that’s been making leds for home use

I would take a Chinese QB over blurples any day brother, if it’s true to it’s claims it should have new Samsung diodes, plus quantum boards are modular easy to scale up and down or add custom lighting like far red and UV

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I’ve found little difference between their 301b/301h diodes. I’ve been impressed overall with the lights (once I got them about 3’ above canopy) though. Only used them in veg, but plan to use them as supplemental in flower during winter.