Air cleaner

Hey guys I just ordered a Aerus ap500 to clean the air in my grow room, they are similar to the innovative solutions pro guard. But a bit cheaper.
They are supposed to kill all mold and mildew spores in the air and on surfaces.
And also greatly reduce vocal.

Edit See further down.


a combination of ion generation and . . . UV light and photocatalyst target . . . up to 500 square feet.

So this will treat roughly a 20x20’ grow room. Very cool for an all-in-one little unit!


Yes same as the pro guard, if this works as good as its supposed to I will be outfitting every room in my facility with one, they are much better then a regular uv system since the bacteria doesn’t need to pass through the unit to be killed.


Check out Doterra ultra sonic diffusers, they’ll treat 250sqft per unit, they run for 8 hrs, also helps humidity, but they spit out at .3 micron, then paid it with the OnGuard oil from them & a cedar & peppermint oil as well. You’ll remediate any mold, mildew, pest, & will give a continuous ipm to your plants & air quality. I’ve seen this exact setup remediate black mold in under two weeks time.


This unit is supposed to clean a 500sq ft room in 7 hours.


Merv 8, carbon filter rack, and a UV light inside the AHU sounds like the “frugal” man’s version of this. How much did it run you?


I got it for 800$ Canadian, I was going to do like you said but the air needs to pass through to clean it, these units work a bit different, it sounds like magic but they send out these charged ions I think they are called that attack mold and mildew in the air and on surfaces.


These are more pushed for cannabis, what I see it’s similar technologies with green tax added.

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Ok so I got an aerus and a proguard unit, I’m 100% sold on the pro guard. The aerus reduced my vocs by maybe 20% max. Now the pro guard reduced my vocs in my flower room that it only smells like a veg room now, so basically no stink.
So I can imagine it’s also doing a better job of cleaning all of the bacteria also.

Bottom line don’t buy an aerus, I got mislead by the salesman saying they are good for 500sq ft, yes they are of home or office but not grow space. The pro guard dxmini I got is for 250sqft grow space but will cover 1200sqft home space.


the thing about mildew and mold= thy are prevalent in any environment. cleaning it is kinda futile like wearing a mask to avoid a virus= We are the Borg - YouTube so its always there but if you keep the plants halthy and dont do big temp swings the borg moves to another plant/planet.


Do you notice any evidence of ozone or other oxidizer with the proguard? I’ve been looking in to options to remove some ethylene from trim/dry/cure areas and the proguard has come up. I’m just scared that it may emit ozone or some other oxidizer that will wreck terpenes.


This the unit they sell as the dxm mini is this exact unit. What I have gathered Mike at innovative prices are the same.
It says less than .05ppm ozone.

Well I was interested until I seen these words…

Yes some of them do emit ozone but these aren’t supposed to, the unit I have says it’s recommended for daycares and nursing homes so the ozone must be at a safe level.

Here’s the answer I got from Mike, The main technology is a photocatalytic process that creates an ionized H2O2 vapor. That photocatalytic process uses a UV bulb and a byproduct of the bulb is a small and safe amount of Ozone.

I have a feeling theres a covid tax, id research the unit and not buy based on claims of cleaning air,


What did we find out about these units? Any good?


Yes I know about that one. I was wondering about the others that these guys were talking about?

This one?

Same brand just have to select the “mini”

They’re excellent. Won’t operate a room without these going forward

Yeah I was talking about same product different makers. For instance. Cleanair. Has one. Greenwich has one. Alone with the ones up in the post.