AGT-50 Fulvic Mineral Complex (Discount for Future4200 members!)

Got my package in the mail today. How much did you guys bribe ups to deliver so fast?

USPS needs to take notes on ups fast delivery!

Thanks again.


@Demontrich cGMP can slow things down a bit, along with COVID and USPS these days. I’m actually kind of impressed you got it so quickly!

Please let me know your experience with AGT-50 and if I can get any studies/documentation etc. for you.


I didn’t feel like there was any funny buisness going on. I recived my quote on a drum and the shipping is reasonable. Im probably going to give them a shot.


I’ll use it on my next upcoming veg run and report back.

The are still rooting in my cloner.


Here is a typical analysis for AGT-50. It includes fulvic and organic acid, microbial, heavy metal and mineral analysis.


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@AgTonik got my sample! Super fast shipping. Thanks, I’ll report back…


Thanks for the heads up @The_Lone_Stiller Everything has been shipped for folks here so far, but UPS is still lagging on a few samples that got sent out.

Here is a home grow comparison to BioAg Ful-Power:
CANNABIS STUDY #2 - AGT-50 - Ful-Power Comparison Study.pdf (347.1 KB)


Sample received! Excited to see how the outdoor plants like this as a foliar feed.


Dropped a line I’ll check the fuss


@Hansel Dosage is really simple 1ml/gallon for drench and foliar. It really helps with water and heat stress, especially if your weather has been all over the place like Michigan lately. Thanks for the picture!

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Our weather has been fucked lately. Lol. Thanks for the input !

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I guess I can test and see for myself, but does this alter (+ or -) the ph of water? I keep a list of everything that changes ph. I rarely use my ph pen, as I know the starting ph of my water, and know what ever I use, I know what the ph will be after I add said products.


@Demontrich The pH is 3.0 in the bottle to make it shelf stable as an organic product. That said, at 1ml/gallon, it has a minimal effect on the pH. It should assist plant nutrient absorption, regardless of final solution pH.

50 ppm water (pH ~7.2?)

50 ppm water + 1 ml/gal. AGT-50 (pH ~7.0)

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My tap is 180tds and 7.3 ph after it’s been bubbling for 24hrs.

It’s great tap h2o imo.

I keep a master list of everything that does or doesnt alter ph. It’s a big list

If its +.2ph per gallon, (I make 5gal at a time), that will raise my ph (per 5 gal) from 7.3 to 8.3. I add .75ml ph down/gal h2o to go from 7.3 to 6.4.
It’s all about numbers.
See edit below for correct valuea.

Reworked numbers correctly
It lowers ph .2 with agt-50 at 1ml per gallon. So my starting ph is 7.3, adding 1ml of your agt-50 brings that down to 7.1. So .60ml ph down brings 7.1ph h2o to 6.4.


@Demontrich The pH went down 0.2 with 1ml/gallon AGT-50 with (50 ppm) soft water. At 180 TDS, the carbonates that tend to make pH go up might not even budge the pH at all.

I know that I’m using dramatically less Phosphoric acid since using this fulvic in my gardens. It tends to chelate calcium and magnesium, almost acting like a buffer. I know I’m the sales person, but this stuff does several things that I used to buy a separate bottle for.



I edited my above post to reflect the correct values for future reference for others.

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Just received my sample. I have some seedlings and babies i will give it a shot on for now. Nice to see it comes with a COA.


@BG305 With different testing methods in the industry, we try to be as straightforward, science based and truthful about our product, marketing and the claims we make. It’s why we include a COA and I never tear people in the industry down unless they are being shady.


Received mine today, says on the msds that the boiling point is 95, so I hope the 115 days we have here didnt fuck it up, Or leach the plastic into the solution. I shall begin feeding half of the tent/ strains to see how well it can boost these babies. Might just do the whole tent & see if I notice difference in growth in general.


@Cheebachiefextracts Ha, no you’re fine! That’s a guaranteed minimum on the label. I left mine in a hot garage all summer and the fulvic and mineral content was still good. The bottle is food safe and won’t leach.