Advice to Package Faster (Without Adding More Wooks)

Sup. So I have been doing this for a while now and honestly the biggest thing I DREAD the most before dropping a batch is the packaging. See, filling the carts and capping is also mind-dulling work. But at the same time, it’s kind of satisfying. However packaging, that’s just straight boring and so slow…

I’ve seen other companies use conveyer belts to package their products. Which in my opinion, serves no purpose honestly unless it’s a multi-step system where they need a conveyer belt. I just get a large bag and get to the packaging. So, the question is. How does one package FASTER, without adding more wooks. I have had enough of them.

Perhaps there is a holy machine out there that I don’t know of? Fill me in if you got some advice. Thanks!


There are at least two good ones right here on the forum. In alphabetical order:


@thompsonduke_hogan @thompsondukejake
Thompson Duke Industrial – Vaporizer Cartridge and Pod Filling Machines


Pretty sure the solution depends on WHAT you are packaging.

Grams of shatter?
1/8ths of flower?

“faster” will be relative to how you’re currently getting the job done.

Without those bits we just be guessing…


forgot to hit the reply to you @cyclopath

Oh I already have a filling machine thank you, Im just more concerned on the packaging portion of it. Like the product inside of the box.


I am packaging disposables. 1 Gram Disposables. Basically how I do it now is, assemble the box. Slide the disposable inside of the box. And I have 2 stickers that go on top of the box and the bottom of the box for product security. How would one increase the time it takes to do that?

Take a dab break after each one?

I thought you wanted to speed this shit show up…



That’s the goal. Don’t want to be sitting there for hours on end packaging. Especially with large quantities, it gets tiring.

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So goal is to DECREASE time….

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Goal is to speed up the process of packaging, so yes decreasing the time it takes to package the disposables. Only way I really see this working is to add more Wooks. But, that isn’t a path I wanna go down. Any other ways you know to decrease the time it takes to package product?

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Gotcha! Sounds like you’re in the limbo between hiring more minimum wage employees and building a half million dollar packaging machine.

If you are leaning towards the machine, lmk. I’ve got the rolodex.

If you’re leaning towards the employees, check out the jobs thread.


Thanks for the input. Yeah I definitely don’t have that type of budget to buy that machine. More of, just trying to find little “hacks” or “tips” to package faster. Thanks though!

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Applying stickers by hand is time consuming…finding ways to reduce the number of operations is key.

If any of those are “corrections” then it often works out cheaper to toss the “wrong” packaging rather than amending with a sticker.

If you’re down to two, and you’re not looking to build a box filling robot, I don’t have much in the way of suggestions.


:joy: I need a Dale to work for me


This really depends on your numbers. If you’re manually packaging at this moment with no changes in production, just hire a few more wooks.

If you intend on upping production enough to justify the expense of automation, I’d say start shopping.

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I see okay. Might ditch the stickers soon enough. I just like the stickers because it adds more flexibility on my packaging where-as having all the information on 1 packaging and having to make different variations of the actual packaging. I could add those variations on stickers.


Unfortunately box-filling/stuffing machines are neither inexpensive to purchase nor trivial to DIY.


Might have to get more wooks :frowning_face: thanks though. Probably the only advice that could work in my situation.

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Yeah after Sidco said it was half a mil I’m definitely not at that stage yet.