Advice on Building a new machine switching to passive recovery and large production scale

I’m getting ready to piece together or preferably have a machine built. I’m trying to get my recovery to ideally 2.5-4lbs of solvent recovered a minute going to be to passively recovering because recovery machines are slow, too expensive For good enough ones and down for servicing constantly
Will be using n2 assist also

Currently on the drawing board.
2x 150lb jacketed solvent recovery tank
2x condensing coils
3x rolling racks for columns, tanks, & collection
Either 4 or 5x (8”x60” jacketed material columns) aiming for (10-12.5#material per column)
1x (6”x60” dewaxing column) w/ (6”x12” or 24”spool) for crc W/ or indofab v2 6” crc
2x @Indofab sintered disc filters 3&5 um

  • all hoses, gaskets obvious necessities,
    Filter plates for all columns

This where where I have some questions on collection vessel.

2x (12x60”) jacketed collection vessels
3x (12”x48”) jacketed does I can have 2 to collect into and if I wanted to dewax or crc runs I could run them into the 3rd
Or 1 huge collection vessel which is gonna run me into problems with long heating and cooling times.

There’s a chiller @Dred_pirate linked to me that I’ll link when I find it again that I’ll be since I’ll be recovering passively instead

Heater I haven’t picked yet comparing prices and power right now.

So In theory with this new machine my plan is to
Be always running cold over each column with anywhere from 4:1-7:1 solvent : material ratio

so about 40-70lbs Of solvent per column
200-350lbs of solvent per run also using one by one using of the victor regulators pump 10psi n2 to push and solvent through.

Another question here, if I’m running them single column one after the either I would be able to just soak and inject the column then repeat that over with each column then at the end get rid of that n2 from my collection Vessel before I recover.

Now when I go to recover I’ll be bringing my recovery vessels to vacuum and relative negative pressure with the chiller before hand then heating up the columns and collection vessel then thermodynamics does its job open collection pot to recovery tank with coils in slurry as well
in theory with enough heat and enough cold you can get up to 4-6lbs solvent recovered some say they are getting I’m hoping for 2-4.

any advice appreciate what’s really cutting those recovery numbers and making the difference when recovering passively

Basically looking to get my production to about 50# material a run every 4-6 hours= 8-12 hour days at work and being able to max production at 100-150# a shift.

With the 2 solvent tanks and collection vessels it will be easy to have a collection vessel or recovery vessel readily available to swap out but is this also inconvenient should I just go with the 1 huge solvent tank and 1 collection vessel?

You want to produce 100-150 pounds
Or extract 100-150 biomass ?

Good luck anything 1#/minute or over for passive is :muscle::muscle::muscle:

Make sure the recovery tanks are outfitted with internal cooling coils the jacket will not get u where u want to be.

Also you didnt really describe the cold recovery loop. What pump will be cooling the recovery tank? What liquid will be circulating thru the coils and recovery pot?


Biomass 100-150, lol produce 100-150 would be a dream:rofl:

So you can safely vac the remaining low pressure of n2 through that pump.
Any suggestions on one that’s strong enough to vac a decent size system 12”x48”‘collection vessels

Piab makes a great one and I just bought a Cole Parmer one (I think that’s the brand)

Is there anything better than to use than alcohol to chill the machine?
And I gotta find the chiller dred linked me. Also thanks on the coil advice.

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Touch science three phase 50/-120

@drake 1lb a min is easy with passive


The thing is 1lb a minute is a breeze with active but over that is over 20k and service every month :joy:

Have your recovery lines ½" if possible, along with the condensing coils. You can get a 12kw heater for around $6k which will keep up with recovery. Depending on the collection size. You can probably push 4lb or so (or more) in the beginning and settle down to 2ish at the end.


Do you think that would be enough chilling power for how big of a solvent tank/ tanks or solvent recovered? Or gonna need something better?

I’m estimating around 50k for the whole system at the end of the day. If had it built thankfully know someone through the industry that can do the buildout, if I piece it together 50-60k which is about where I wanna be.

That chiller is really powerful for what it is. There is more powerful chillers out there, but you’ll easily spend twice your budget. If you are using condensing coils it won’t have to work as hard. But that shouldn’t bother her much anyway. Definitely use two lines for sure if you are wanting to push that much vapor


Are you saying 2 seperate lines coming off the collection to recover into the same solvent tank ? Or the 2 seperate collection vessels being the 2 lines?

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2 seperate 1/2" vacuum lines in one recovery loop? Or one for each loop

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Yeah for 16k vs 25+ I’ll take that an run with it if I can get 2.5 lbs if solvent recovered a minute. Then Ill be on point with a box of biomass every 8 hours which is right where I wanna be.

Estimating about around 40k for everything other than the chiller so just puts me barely where I wanna be which is in point appreciate the advice


Two seperate ½" lines for recovery. You need as much vapor transfer as possible. You can go straight to the tank with each one, as long as you are chilling the jacket and coil. If you use a condensing coil for each one, as the tank fills and has less surface area for recovery, the coils will take care of that. And just piss liquid into the tank.

That chiller at - 40 has over 12kw of cooling power, she can handle up to 4lbs a min at that rate. It’ll take you bout 3kw per lb to recover. You’ll need adequate heat to keep up, too.

I’ll get that model of the heater later. You can actually get it from bizzybee, they have em. Thats who I was going to call for the manufacturer

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The most expensive part of this system is the ancillary and your tank(s). The columns and everything else is easy to get

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I’m curious. Do you think a sanitary tri clover tubing would be better to have Bc of less diameter restrictions than dual jic tubing or hydraulic hosing? This is for recovery. I would imagine the ASME pressure vessel would be from a different industry and custom collection port will be needed?

You absolutely could use hard line and tri clamp parts. Instead of JIC, but I would use compression fittings over JIC. You can also run your own hard line and have it be the exact length you desire with as little bends as possible. If you are pushing enough vapor, why not go 1.5" on the recovery


@Dred_pirate are you using that chiller just for the recovery tank? Or do you have it plumbed into the collection or anything else?