Advanced - D8 & D9 Isomerization Google Meeting

I am going to be talking about D8 & D9 isomerizations, issues, methods with a very small SELECT group of applicants. I figure we will talk first and make sure that each person on the call has something unique to bring to the table. This is not an entry-level meeting or video chat for the masses to learn how to do isomerizations.

Call it a think tank of sorts and I want it to be for like-minded people Advanced lab guys who are at a point in their game where they have a little bit extra to share and are interested in others who have figured out the same. Those who realize that sharing gets you to the finish line faster… but only if you are in the company of individuals who are on the same knowledge level. Each whom are bringing something to the table.

PM me for initial introductions and I will send out the google meet link. That first meeting and our first conversation might only be to get an idea of where we all stand in the process and to see if everyone is on the same page.

I am personally looking for a lab guy with god-level powers who wants to consult on a very interesting project.


I’d like to listen in. Dunno if I’d have anything pertinent to contribute seems like an interesting idea @LABRAT720 good luck!


I am going to start to have open sessions for more entry-level stuff which is not so IP sensitive. I will be doing this weekly on Sunday nights unless you guys have a suggestion for a better day. Obviously I can only cover up to a certain level which I feel would take jobs away from people and I am not going to do that. I will post here the link to the general meeting and Lab town hall soon.


I don’t really see how talking about something the other participants should have figured out as well makes a lot of sense, or am i misunderstanding something here?


Hello -

Fascinating topic. I’m a PhD (inorganic/chem phys: MAS NMR, XRD) who’s now aggressively entering the Δ8/Δ9 space. I suspect I have little to offer at this point, but if you could PLEASE apprise me of any future talks you may be presenting, I’d VERY sincerely appreciate it. If there’s anything I could do to help out, I’d be happy to.



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Ugh @tweedledew juat add him to the slack channel already

@LABRAT720 there is already a super secret group of people doing this

You just need to ask politely for an invite

And STOP trying to make fetch happen

Its not gonna happen

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This. Is. Genius.

How smart do you have to be to eavesdrop and take notes? :thinking:

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See Below

This is really a matter of opinion. And maybe the question alone means that you would not benefit from it. I know at least 5 different methods to make D8, different solvents, temps, acids etc… and the finished products are different also. And if you took a poll of people here you would find at least 3 SOP’s being used on a regular basis, well that is one discussion. Exactly what is happening with the isomerization, who has to worry about D10 and why. The fact that this is a Trans and not a Sis isomerization and the impact on the final product. The point is there is no one correct answer and putting together brain power can answer some questions, and prevent future litigation (those who know what I am talking about should be concerned about this). So if you think that you know how to make D8 or D9 and that’s it, well… I would say that is the very beginning. And it would only be for people who had something to bring to the table so that everyone left with more knowledge.

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As stated earlier, this is an invite only chat. Based on PM’s and industry connections. I don’t claim to know everyone in the small society but no one gets invited to eavesdrop on the google meet because they won’t get the invite in the first place.

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I’ve got a scalable method of 65-70% d9 conversion. Took me the better part of 6 months to develop.

But the slack chat group has mostly died down at this point :man_shrugging:

Chromatography or organometals seem to be the way.


There are many published patents and journals . Kmart sells spoons but the recipe for the food in the spoon is available in literature. Equipment is another discussion altogether . We need a higher standard on the retail side , too much shitty product on the shelf. How many ways to make a molecule? Start with the right chemovar and you dont have to worry about all that hazardous waste . Fuck beauracracy and what its done to the industry. Sustainability is what we really need . Maybe start there.

S15 dieael#2 is a great solvent and catalyst, just ask the mexicans

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Definitely makes most mom n pop cocaine

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“am personally looking for a lab guy with god-level powers who wants to consult”

Theres people that went to school and have worked at pharma and chem plants. Linkden is your friend.

Just dont tell them your from a “gang”… kind of turns those folks off

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You must be referring to the hempbois , i heard the oklahomies were taking over their territory. Calfire got the d10 sop.

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Let me rephrase then, what makes you think anyone would share something of value in that meeting as opposed to sharing it here?

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The determining factor between formation of d8 or d9 is the presence or absence of oxygen in the reaction.

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Are you sure of this ? :thinking: