Addition of cannabinoids to recreational THC oil

Hello everyone,

I am seeking some clarification on the legality of adding cannabinoids to my THC oil. Does anyone know if the law permits us to add additional cannabinoids that came from other sources? Are added cannabinoids required to be extracted from cannabis only or would hemp be ok? This is for recreational use in California.

For example, could I add CBD from hemp to my THC oil extracted from cannabis?

Are non-THC cannabinoids treated the same as terpenes when it comes to formulation? Does the state care about this and do they want to see exactly where each cannabinoid in your oil comes from?

Thanks in advance for any insight. Much appreciated.

Which state? That might make a difference. If it’s hemp derived, it might be treated like terps, but if from marijuana it will probably need to be from a tracked source.

every state
different law
read law
in state
of interest
start at state dept of ag website

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Sorry for not including that. This is for California. The law mentions extraction from cannabis but it is unclear on formulations with other cannabinoids. Let’s say I get some CBC or CBN derived from hemp… is there any regulation against using this in my THC oil derived from cannabis?

You are prohibited from using any ingredients that are not GRAS, hemp being included as well as being specifically prohibited in the regulations.

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Anything sold in the legal rec market of california must be tracked on METRC…so no, you would not be able to add hemp derived cannabinoids.

unless you call it marijuana, and track it in METRC…

see Cannabis Derived CBD

not quibbling. just reiterating how ludicrous I find the distinction between hemp and cannabis from a biological standpoint…they are chemovars of the same species.


Does Cali not have hemp in METRC yet? Colorado has pink tags for hemp.


In WA legally we are allowed to add whatever hemp cannabinoids we want as long as we list it on the sticker. We lobbied the state to do something about all the chinese cbd isolate that was making its way into products a couple years ago and killing the cannabis derived CBD market, and they said “Okay!” and made it legal as long as you said you added it. And you can call it vague ass bullshit to hide the fact that it is coming from hemp not cannabis. The recreational cannabis CBD market has all but vanished since then, which is a bummer because we are subject to much stricter requirements and regulations to produce it than hemp is, which IMO resulted in higher quality and safer CBD product offerings.

I just posted about this

Called the BCC and they told me Hemp in a rec facility is a no