ADD Medication Replacement ?

I have pretty bad ADD and I really don’t want to go back on medication. I was wondering if there is anyway to manipulate terpenes and distillate to make something that will give me a sharp focus effect. Something that will keep me alert. awake, energized and focused as a fox. Or is cannabis seriously just for the relaxation cause I gotta say there’s not many sativas around me and all i hear is find the right strain but everyone is different and i like hash oils not smoking the whole leaf (not as much anyways).

So can it be done?

I will drop money on a distillate setup once i have the capitol.

Would be extremely helpful.


I’ve been utilizing the different effects commonly associated with terpenes to accomplish exactly what you are asking. Unfortunately, I dont have any real scientific data that confirms it works other than when I get feedback from clients. So far - everyones been happy with the blends. My ‘stimulating’ blend helps them focus, my ‘calming’ blends helps them relax.

I’m not willing to share my ‘blends’ but will say that a-pinene & b-pinene might be worth playing around with given the effects you are looking for

I am curious however - with ADD, are you sure you would want a more energized effect? Would that not trigger the condition more? The reason I ask - I typically suggest my ‘calming’ blend to clients who have ADD or ADD like symptoms. My presumption was with ADD, you’d have a more overactive mind and so a calming effect would be more beneficial. Very interested in your thoughts…

Biodiversity is a real motherfucker. I have heard some swear by cannabis to treat their ADHD, but personally, every strain I have tried has either just made me tired and unmotivated, or made me manic and dramatically worsened my symptoms of inattentiveness and lack of focus.

I haven’t found anything that can replace adderall for me personally, but one thing I want to start experimenting with is alternating between pramiracetam one week and adderall the next. Pramiracetam was my go-to in college to either stack on top of adderall, or use alone for a week in order to decrease my amphetamine tolerance. It worked wonderfully, and I’m not sure why I discontinued using it after I graduated. The only negative side-effect I can think of with pramiracetam is choline depletion, but this can be easily remedied by supplementing with a highly bioavailable choline supplement, or simply including 4-5 eggs in your diet daily.


ADD patients tend to get reverse effects from stimulants and depressants, so I could definitely see an energizing blend providing focus that was harder to achieve before. It almost gives us a type of hyper-focus.


very good to know - thank you for that :+1:

Before I got on adderall, I’m pretty sure I was self-medicating with alcohol. I noticed my drinking went down substantially after I started the medication, and tends to creep back up when I’m taking breaks. There was a time when writing papers or studying was almost always accompanied by a few beers, and I noticed my quality of work and speed at which I could get work done decreased without booze (pre-medication). It was quickly becoming a problem, so I’m glad I got medicated before that unsustainable behavior spun out of control.

It’s a complicated issue, but increasing dopamine levels seem to help alleviate issues across the board. Which might explain why people with ADHD are shown to have higher rates of substance abuse…

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Coffee does absolutely zero for me. Theybused to give that to me from age 10 on (iirc).

Im 43, been suffering with ADD since i can remember.

Ive been on ever med they prescribed from 1982 on.


I just stopped medicating for it altogether and spend a lot of time doing hobbies that require intense focus. I feel like I can almost tune it in and out at will, depending on how much I end up smoking lol


As you get older, you notice those changes that spur on ADD, and they wont be as dramatic as when your tounger. I also suffer from bi-polar. I know when im having an episode. But only marijuana (daily) for me and a few beers occasionally.


Throughout my childhood and teenage years (stopped my meda @20) I was prescribed Adderall or Ritalin for my ADD or some sort of stimulant. Ritalin seemed to work great but there are a few nasty side effects. Calming or indica to me makes me less productive and alert and more of a “wait, what” laziness.


Aspergers, manic depression, anxiety and adhd over here. All i gotta say is cannabis noticeably helps the aspergers, manic depression and anxiety. However it doesn’t do much for helping boost focus and productivity which is where i need the biggest boost.


Yeah but what about not your hobbies. Like i haven’t started college fully. I went to college last year paid for one class. The english class. I couldnt focus for the life of me. I went home not knowing what the fuck to do . Its community college. My mother said to me college isnt for everyone after i dropped out of one class after 2 weeks. I felt like such a shit. … Cause college is so for me.

That alone prompted me to consider going back on medication. But i really.dont want to.

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What side effects were you suffering from? I find many can be easily mitigated with supplements and lifestyle adjustments. Unfortunately, doctors almost never tell you about these. I was lucky enough to have a doctor who actually gave a shit.


Baseline feeling of agitated. Induces paranoia. The come down feels too noticeable it feels like a crash.


Do you remember what your dose was? Another unfortunately common practice among prescribers is over-medicating with stimulants. My doctor was saying the guidelines used to be to start high and reduce as needed, but in the last few years those guidelines have reversed. Not all docs have gotten the memo, though. I remember going up from 15mg XR adderall to 20mg, then back to 15mg after a month. I also found a huge improvement in mitigating the “crash” by switching from 2 7.5mg IR pills per day to 1 15mg XR. The extended release formulations are shown to decrease the crash and irritability dramatically. Vyvanse is the best for this IMO, but my insurance sucks and wouldn’t cover it (expensive af). It also lasts 12 hours instead of 8 hours like XR or the ER methylphenidate (Ritalin), so if you have had trouble sleeping on those other meds, Vyvanse might not be ideal.

The biggest thing you can do for yourself (on these meds and in general) is make sure to get adequate sleep. Not less than 8-hours. Exercise is number 2. If you can’t find the motivation to regularly exercise, I’d recommend joining a gym with a dry sauna. Sauna has a ton of physical and mental health benefits, many of which are similar to exercise. Work up from 5 minutes, to 10 minutes, to 20 minutes and up. Water intake is up there with exercise, maybe even as important as sleep. You should be drinking at least half a gallon of water per day on these meds, if not more. Just make sure you space water consumption throughout the day, not all at once.

As far as supplements go, ALA/ALCAR supplements reduce oxidative stress on the brain that can be caused by these stimulants. They work well taken with the meds and about 6 hours later. CoQ10 also relieves oxidative stress, and should be taken once in the morning (long half-life). Also, N-Acetyl Cystine with DHA in the morning and Uridine at night helps a ton. Low dose melatonin at night was helpful for me as well when I was having trouble sleeping with the higher dose adderall. Fun fact, it’s also a powerful antioxidant as well. If you do take melatonin, be careful with dose, as most supplements on the market are heavily overdosed and can fuck with natural production. 2mg max, sublingual. And of course, I can’t neglect to mention CBD. Vaping it during the day and taking 25mg orally in a tincture at night really helped keep me level headed and get to sleep when I was supposed to.

Diet is one thing you’ll probably hear a lot of talk about, but I didn’t find it helped me all that much. Results definitely vary though, so it would be worth looking into. Above all though (in terms of diet), just make sure you EAT SOMETHING. These meds are notorious for appetite suppression, but after working through it and forcing yourself to eat for a while, it becomes easier and easier.

I hope this information can help you mitigate the side-effects. I know what it’s like to not like the side-effects but have to rely on the meds to achieve your goals. But if it wasn’t for adderall, I likely would have never graduated college. Hell, if I got on it my freshman year instead of halfway through my junior year, I’d likely have a chemistry degree instead of this useless sociology degree just because I kept failing math miserably and got discouraged. Everything said though, it’s worth mentioning that stimulant meds aren’t a replacement for discipline and taking care of yourself. You seem motivated, and these meds can definitely help tremendously, but if you don’t take care of your body, it won’t take care of you. Your mind and body work as one, so be sure to help the meds help you. If not, it’s easy to end up having the side-effects outweigh the benefits.


I learned very quick after turned 21 that I can’t do hard alcohol . Especially vodka. Idk if there’s scientific data or research done but i swear vodka adversely effects bi-bolar and manically depressed humans. I typically don’t drink but when I do it’s 9% above beers and usually a pint and with my friends. I can’t drink alone.


Alcohol and mental illness is like matches and gasoline. Something well known in the medical community, but nobody seems to want to talk about. Fun fact, alcohol is actually the most common drug to induce psychosis. I’ve seen it firsthand. Way more scary than seeing someone having a bad acid trip.


And having a bad acid trip fucking sucks. Fucking felt like i was in a demonic war zone and i was screaming for a medic with my hands over my ears huddled up in fear. I ended up trying to force myself to sleep the rest of the trip and saw a lightbulb amd just kept trying to think of happy. I think my mind envisioned a light at the end of the tunnel to give myself a kind of clock to the end of what seemed like forever in my own personal hellfire if i even opened my eyes for a second.

I woke up with a shit ton of half drank bottles sof water in my bed and me in my own piss.


Kratom helps for add, the white strains specifically white mang da, and white tai

once I quit taking synthetic meds, I found thcv strains to be of the best help with needing mental clarity and focus to finish the task i started.
i accidentally ended up with a jack herer x gorilla glue #4 cross with little to no thcv which has the best effect ive ever needed. . All in all there are natural remedies for all the synthetic medications and they have far less dramatic side effects, unlike going to a dr they are not prescribed its up to you to find the specific thing for each individual need.

I’ve personally concluded add is in my head and its related to boredom, tired of repetitiveness,
i constantly need a project to keep me busy and entertained at the same time…

The main side effect of adderall for me was it worked for a while then it caused the symtoms to become twice as bad without…
Second was the agitation after it wore off…


I’m personally of the opinion that the whole “natural vs. synthetic” debate is a bit silly considering everything in this universe is “natural”, but I get your point. What’s interesting is the way plants (and fungus to an extent) seem to also produce compounds that regulate what we see as the “active” compound. Even the poppy plant has thebaine, which by itself is super disphoric and causes anxiety to counteract the euphoric effects of morphine and codeine. I totally forgot about kratom. That was actually mildly helpful for me personally for ADHD, but the constipation was a real motherfucker to deal with. Also, the inconsistency of strength from one batch to the next is a bit of a pain in the ass. That’s an herb that seems to have so much potential if the market would regulate itself a little better, but it’s looking like it’s finally happening. The company I’m working for is looking into carrying it finally, but they’re fortunately very careful and meticulous about testing and education, so it looks like it’ll be long road of experimenting with vendors, research, and different testing labs before it hits the shelves for our customers.