add cbd to 92% distillate

Ayyyy, I want to make a 5:1 THC to CBD oil. I was wondering if someone could help me with the best practice? Should I buy crude and mix it that way? Can I use the crystallized powder and cut that? Looking for advice to make the best possible quality. i already have 92% THC delta 9, distillate. But I want to make some of it heavier th cbd and maybe some full spectrum.

thanks in advance.

Melt some CBD isolate and mix the two according to desired ratio


I thought I read last week using cbd isolate in carts will crystallize out

Only If cbdis present in >60% rates by volume


I have a few clients who ask for cbd carts. I have isolate on hand, but havent tried to make a cart yet.

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I’m also trying to do 5 to 1 pens, My question does anyone know the formula to mix two different compounds with different percentage and obtain a desired ratio?

it’s pretty easy.

92% thc would be 920mg per gram
98% cbd would be 980mg per gram

that would your thc ratio er gram would be 93% of
say you wanted a 20% mix

x = THC(0.80)
x= 736mg



Then of course you need a cutter. So if divide by 2. Base on 500mg, add a little bit of some cutter. Maybe just cut with terps?


I used to work with marbels :grinning:
So You have a visual of what You are adding but once You see iT You Will get iT


Yes! just Terps and thankful for your wonderful answer :point_up:Bless 4200

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you’re welcome!

I’m going to test a few carts out. I think I have 7g od cbd isolate, plenty of empty carts, terps, and some distillate left.

Try to studie lab reports of the internet that have not only % of content but also a mg/gram scale of content You Will see that since every compound has iT s own weight (mass) especialy in terps makes iT easyer to replicate and calculate

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